Varied-legged Octopuses


Winter returned today wearing his agitated cloak,

breathing and blowing stormy gales and snow showers.

Spring has already walked this earthly stage,

rising from her slumber,

enticing us with promises of fresh new growth and hope.

Each one clamouring to be centre stage,

one reluctant to let go, afraid of change,

the other unconditionally anxious to comfort, bringing fulfilment.

Outer reflecting inner…

Soul see-sawing between remembering and forgetfulness.

Ignorance and Bliss.

All this because today l spied a host of assorted-legged, green-armed octopuses,

Autumn planted, Spring flowering bulbs…location and species a misty haze.

In Her own time, according to Her own agenda…

All will be clear, all will be revealed.



Eclipse, Equinox and all things Cosmic.


Spring Equinox reinforced by solar eclipse…what could be more cosmic and make us realise that we are like a minuscule grain of sand in this glorious Dance of Shiva? Atmosphere there was in abundance, it became gloomier, darker, much colder, a breeze whipped up through the bamboo and the birds settled and stilled on their customary nightly perches.  A reminder that we are blessed to find ourselves on this orbiting mass hurtling through space at dizzying speed…and in awe…

At the same time Mother Nature has raised her baton to begin her annual performance of re-birth, hope and promise…right on cue! Crocuses planted around the Rowan tree in the Autumn have opened up in the warm Spring sunshine to reveal their golden stamens and the frogs have returned to the pond again to breed and delight us with their wonderful quirky, multi-pitched croaky chorus. Initially they appear to guard and stay close to their newly-laid frogspawn, revelling in their accomplishment and checking out new visitors to the pond.  Very soon they will be gone, leaving the tadpoles to grow and later fend for themselves.

The earth is stirring…


Canal people!


image                      Rae, my daughter, and husband Dave, live by the Regent’s Canal and their balcony hangs over the Canal on the second floor.  I have been staying with them this week and walked up and down the canal many times and in both directions.  I have encountered boats of all shapes and sizes and have been impressed and amazed at how folk adapt to their surroundings and very quickly make their little patch of soil or boat roof, a garden.  Sundry shaped mini allotments along the bank become lush oases of  sorrel, mint, rosemary and sage.  Narrow boats now have solar panels too along with the quirky, brightly painted panels that one associates with canal boats.

Life on the water appears idyllic on a bright sunny day with the sun shimmering on the water  and the geese, ducks and koots noisily gambolling and frolicking.  Cold short Winter days and long nights must be a real test of  character when living on the canal and strong winds whip up the water.  Skills of survival such as keeping warm and dry, acquiring fresh water and cooking food must balance themselves out with the slower more natural rhythm of Life and a constant connection to Mother Nature.  I admire these folk for their resolute convictions and steely character!

Wonderful community spirit

Wonderful community spirit and vibrancy of Broadway and Greenwich markets. A perfect warm sunny day to amble and meander, taking in the wonderful mouth watering smells of exotic food being cooked, feasting the eyes on lovingly prepared food, and dining al fresco! Greenwich stunningly magnificent in the warm spring sunshine and views from the Observatory breath-taking! For the first time in my life I am looking at London through very different spectacles and realise how beautiful and vibrant it is.



Morning outdoor swimming, dog walking and taking in all the sights and sounds of Hackney Borough.

With the sun shining on the water this morning, outdoor swimming was a whole different experience! Pleasant and refreshing and lots of people chilling out…what a difference a few degrees makes! Everyone had a happy face, must be the sunshine and blue sky.l am told that north of the border it was cold and windy today. Scottish weather living up to expectations! Dear old Sid had another canal and park walk, we bought homemade pizza provisions and here l am at The Archivist learning the Art of Blogging from my dear daughter! It is a joy to be here. imageimage

Unexpected stylish architecture, professional dog-walking and outdoor swimming…in March!

imageMarvelled at quaint De Beauvoir Square with it’s Grand Designs House, Victorian  architecture, park and church. Purchased necessary swimsuit, walked cute little Sid, a Patterdale terrier, that my daughter Rae walks professionally, along Canal to crocus filled Haggerston Park. Early evening we went outdoor swimming to London Fields Lido. Bbbbbbrrrr! Water lukewarm and icy breeze between pool and changing room. Lovely to look up at trees and sun setting round about. The hot shower and earl grey tea afterwards was exhilarating. Wonderful. Wouldn’t and couldn’t do this iimageimagen Scotland on 5thimage March. Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms and celeriac to follow. Aaaaaah the Good Life!

Ok. Here goes my very first blog from The Proud Archivist, Regent’s Canal, London.

Watch this space…

Arrived in Euston on Wednesday 4th March, this time by train NOT by Megabus. 3 hours and 20 mins as opposed to 8-9 hours. Travelling in luxury! Lots of love to my lovely husband, John, who drove me to Carlisle and is running the Lanarkshire Fort while I am away for a whole week by MYSELF. This is a first…thank you Virgin trains, hugely impressed, even a food and drinks trolley and a quiet coach.

imageiWednesday p m was rest time with lovely homemade ratatouille and my oldest daughter dropped in unannounced. A lovely surprise. Regent’s Canal very peaceful and lots of lights twinkling on the water. Canada geese noisy at night but a lovely welcome connection with Nature. Pretty narrow boats moored along the Canal and folk making their immediate space “home” as one does in whatever way inspires…