Eclipse, Equinox and all things Cosmic.


Spring Equinox reinforced by solar eclipse…what could be more cosmic and make us realise that we are like a minuscule grain of sand in this glorious Dance of Shiva? Atmosphere there was in abundance, it became gloomier, darker, much colder, a breeze whipped up through the bamboo and the birds settled and stilled on their customary nightly perches.  A reminder that we are blessed to find ourselves on this orbiting mass hurtling through space at dizzying speed…and in awe…

At the same time Mother Nature has raised her baton to begin her annual performance of re-birth, hope and promise…right on cue! Crocuses planted around the Rowan tree in the Autumn have opened up in the warm Spring sunshine to reveal their golden stamens and the frogs have returned to the pond again to breed and delight us with their wonderful quirky, multi-pitched croaky chorus. Initially they appear to guard and stay close to their newly-laid frogspawn, revelling in their accomplishment and checking out new visitors to the pond.  Very soon they will be gone, leaving the tadpoles to grow and later fend for themselves.

The earth is stirring…



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