Varied-legged Octopuses


Winter returned today wearing his agitated cloak,

breathing and blowing stormy gales and snow showers.

Spring has already walked this earthly stage,

rising from her slumber,

enticing us with promises of fresh new growth and hope.

Each one clamouring to be centre stage,

one reluctant to let go, afraid of change,

the other unconditionally anxious to comfort, bringing fulfilment.

Outer reflecting inner…

Soul see-sawing between remembering and forgetfulness.

Ignorance and Bliss.

All this because today l spied a host of assorted-legged, green-armed octopuses,

Autumn planted, Spring flowering bulbs…location and species a misty haze.

In Her own time, according to Her own agenda…

All will be clear, all will be revealed.



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