Celtic Blessings.


The Universe is a collection of signs and symbols, pointers and markers.


imageThose who have been and those yet to come,

Speak with us,

Speak to us,

Speak through us…

Of signposts along this Life journey we travel.

Be ever Mindful.

Constantly, they connect and communicate

With the seemingly mundane and ‘ordinary’.

Metal mushrooms have been springing up,

Sprouting overnight, before my very eyes.

Whirling, rotating Triskelions,

Esoteric, mysterious, in constant motion.

Earthly cycles and seasons and flux,

Never-ending movement and change.

Your 3 arms whisper on the wind,

Of Past, Present, Future,

Of Spirit, Mind, Body,

Of Creation, Preservation, Destruction.

Stem and root, fixed, solid foundation,

Ever present, never changing.

Spinning branches endlessly agitated,

Expansion and Contraction.

Ancestors painting their wisdom on Cosmic canvas,

Celtic Blessings.


Ode to Ivy.


Spring has sprung and sap rises in flower and twig,image

And Chaucer’s wise Middle English words

Resonate and reverberate around the garden…

“Whan that April with his shoures soote

The droghte of March hath pierced to the roote,

And bathed every veyne  in swich licour

Of which vertu engendred is the flour.”

Magickal and mystical words indeed of the olde Bard.image

Heavy laden heads of Hedera Helix stand sentry-like,

Their skull-capped berries: deep, dark, black and poisonous,

Warding off negativity and heralding in another glorious Era.

This Spiral of Life, this Wheel of the Year,

This cycle of Death and Rebirth…Beltane!

Once more the Goddess succumbs to Jack o’ the Green’s advances

And their love manifests with fertile magnificence,

Touching and caressing all that has awakened from the Earth.

O symbolic Ivy, resplendent carrier of Initiation and Consciousness,

Immortality and Love and Eternity and Death,

Your resplendent, entwining, encircling branches

Nourishing, feeding, sustaining, sheltering,

All of life that settles within your powerful limbs.

They offer safe refuge to the chattering colony of sparrows,

Nesting and rearing their young within your shiny canopy

And in Autumn your sweet heady perfume causes your flowers

To become host to a whole myriad of buzzing beasties!

O Herbe of Consecration, Ye Bringer of joy and abundance,

How fortunate are we that You have chosen

To  bedeck and garland our humble fence and wood shed!

Carpe diem.

Yesterday was World Earth Day.

imageYet another card company, fabricated feast day,

I hear you say?


On the flip side, it might just stir some grey matter,

Or warm the cockles of your heart a wee bit.

imageIs your cup half full or half empty?

Does your tossed coin land tail side up?

Does your toast always land jam side down?

Choices and reactions,

Reactions and choices.

They hit us at mac speed like the encircling jet stream,

Smack in the face.


Yesterday I made a choice.

I sat on a warm, dandelion dotted, grassy bank

Watching the brilliant, dazzling, mini suns

Turn their heads in homage and acknowledgement

To the One gigantic, radiant, illuminating, fireball.

Listening to a steady buzzing of nectar/ pollen gatherers,

Alighting from flower to flower, restocking pollen baskets,

Their hypnotic drone-like chant carrying on the breeze.

Touching and running fingers through soft, cotton-wool moss

While a sweet, comforting smell of incense hung heavily,

Stirring up fond childhood memories from days now past.

Tantalising, mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked biscuits

From the world famous bakery behind me.

On the other hand…

I could have waited in the garage while the car tyre puncture was being fixed!

Happy Earth Day!



Be still.

Can you not feel yourself being lovingly enveloped

imageBy the tender, caring nurture of Mother Earth?

She has the potential to unconditionally provide and sustain


This is not a one-way, draining and depleting system…

It works both ways, give and take, equal distribution,

Mutual respect, tolerance and non-judgement.


Thinking about yourself and rather put others’ needs before yours

And you will find that according to Her own agenda,

She will provide what is necessary for you right now,

At this moment in time to enable you to wake up,

Wipe the dirt from your eyes, untangle your whirling mind,

And be aware.

Let your breath mingle with the Breath of the Universe

And return to that still place of Harmony and Love.

Mother Earth is our Teacher, Her Wisdom is eternal.

She coaxes and cajoles us to Stop, Look and Listen.


We are all One, we are all connected,

Connected with and to our Earthly Mother.

May all beings be well,

May all beings be happy.





Who gave the name Sprout to the humble Sprout?

He surely had access to some inside information?20141229_083315

I stand humbled and take my hat off.

Well done that Belgian man from Brussels

For your deep-rooted horticultural wisdom!

Spot on where your Cruciferae are concerned.

Last week smugly surveying my handiwork,

Assorted array of seeds nestling and tucked into

Inviting compost-filled seed ” beds”/ trays,

I pondered…

Which little head is going to awaken first,

Gleefully push the covers off to reveal

Two Spring green cotyledons arising

To face the morning, greenhouse sun.image

You got it.


The Sprout was the first to sprout.

Funny that…

No longer can the humble Sprout be deemed “humble.”

In fact, that humble Sprout has just taught me…

A HUGE lesson in Humility.

He wasn’t a Sprout at all!

And after waxing lyrical for all these lines,

I bow my head and re-ponder these thoughts…

Never ever take for granted,

Never ever assume,

‘Cos you just never ever know!

All will be revealed in the fullness of time,

As was this glorious morning

And leaves unfurled, a solitary specimen.


Rock of Ages.

For Rev. Dan Gafvert,

Minister of ChristChurch Episcopal Church,

( in days gone by, the Celtic Church ),



…who carries a profound fondness for the hymn, Rock of Ages and All Things Celtic.

With grateful thanks and blessings…

Going there…image

From the corner of my eye,

Scanning freshly turned soil

Amidst Dumfriesshire rolling hills,

I saw you.

It only took a second

But I knew.

You called to me

imageIn your mystical way.

Across time and space,

Wise, weathered and worn,

Reassuring blessed signpost,

You seemed lonely, forgotten, neglected.

My heart felt heavy for you.

And coming back…

I had to find you again. image

I had to touch your ancient stone

And trace your weathered sacred symbols.

Sweeping winds have whittled away

Your crowning glory,

Your glorious arms and halo

That once reached up and out,

Testimony to Truth and Love and Light.

Today for me…

You are still so beautiful,

imageYour message shining pure and clear.

Oh! Rock of Ages, still standing firmly here,

Still guiding Pilgrims to that holy shrine,

St. Ninian of Whithorn.

Blessed Be.