Last years’ crop of Lunaria, strewn on kitchen floor,

Mother Natures’ bountiful, pastel pot-pourri.

Tangle of opaque disks, hiding precious hope-filled seeds,

Each unique, bearing its’ own fern-like fingerprint.

Memories of hot, sunny childhood days flooding back…

Trampling and exploring the wild overgrown lane.

Lush flowering nettles and creeping, invasive, white-trumpeted bindweed,

…and Honesty, an abundance of Honesty!

Ecstatic buzz of myriad flying insects.

Then later, bronze, brown foliage dried by a low Autumnal sun and

Gleefully, playfully, peeling back outer casings to expose

Pure, pearl-lustred, fragile inner hidden treasure.

Translucent, glowing, oval dream-catchers

Crackling and rustling in the breeze.

Innocence and Honesty and Dreams.


Where am I now?

Still there and still here…

Enveloped in awe and magic and mystery!

Each delightful, fresh moment carrying cosmic potential.

Mirror of the soul…

Life-long journey peeling and polishing,

Breathing, Remembering, Awakening…

Brilliance and Bliss that IS in ALL.



4 thoughts on “Honesty.

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very new to writing a Blog and have in the past written from time to time. I am hoping that my writing and painting will go hand in hand, each one inspiring the other. Time to feed the soul, I think…


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