A misty, hazy, morning in Southern Scotland.  Reflects how I feel today having woken very early, still quite dark, to hear the splendour and richness of the Dawn Chorus. At this point my writing mind could easily go down any number of different tangents, but I will stay focused. Observing it was too early to get up and make the customary ground coffee, I drifted back to dream sleep and did indeed dream in great detail.

My dream concluded with a friend getting his finger trapped in a door as a giant of a man pushed his way abruptly through…there was much symbolism and detail in the dream, but I will keep that for another day. On waking my husband brought me up a coffee…luxury, coffee in bed, and the phone rang. It was another friend ringing to say that the friend of my dream had been admitted to hospital…

Mind mirroring mist…

Suddenly, all becomes clearer and another signpost appears.

Mist starts to disintegrate, and Love shines through.


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