Early Easter Sunday thoughts…


Awakening early to a grey, hazy, backdrop of stillness,

Dawn Chorus in unison, performs sweeter and richer than ever before.

Earth spins, still  shrouded in Her nightly attire,

Waiting, awakening slowly, soon to unveil the majesty  and brilliance of a new day.

Ruha…deep cosmic intake of Breath,

Promise, Hope, Love…permeating Her exhalation.

Dense, heavy, anticipation lingering with heightened senses…

Smell of bittersweet spices wafting through the house,

Residue of late evening baking, an Easter offering.

Jesus, Chrystus, Yeshua…Love…a message for all of Humanity, in and through all time.

Mist now thinning, lifting slowly, skies lightening,

And that which was once hidden and obscured will become bright and clear.

A beautiful Easter morning bringing Love, Joy and Peace…

Reminding my husband of the Anniversary of his Birth.


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