Old friends…

20141105_163635 20141105_163700

Trusted and ever faithful in their desire to give pleasure to their care-takers,

And praise and glory to the Life-force that throbs in each and every Being,

Our old friends flowered unselfishly aII Autumn and all Winter.

Aware that outside, Earth was sleeping under a blanket of frost and snow,


They cheered our hearts and dazzled our eyes, day after day after day,

Their upturned handkerchief petticoats, flamboyant, exuberant and so, so bright.

And now, our clever friends know that there is a time and a season for all things.

They have earnt their time to rest and sleep…but…before they do,


Yet one more gift…

Delightful discovery, perfectly crafted orbs, hanging from perfectly scalloped cups

And carrying the same Promise and Hope and Potential that we all carry within us.

Our souls…cosmic Breath and Spark and Life source, unconditionally gifted to us,

Require our own gentle and loving care taking and watchfulness,

And establishing favourable conditions to grow and flourish and thrive…

Is never easy.



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