Need for Emptiness.

Do you ever get those Eureka moments

When you know that things are just as they are meant to be?

When your worlds have moved into alignment

And you want to shout and cry and sing

All at once?

Let me share one with you…


A black stemmed bamboo grows happily at the edge of our pond.

It has spread and grown tall, and when the wind blows

It rustles and shimmers and dapples the water.

It is a joy to behold and a feast for the eyes.

Though not bamboo, I pick up my African Blackwood whistle

And I blow gently, feeling the breath of the Universe

Vibrate and pulse under my fingers.

As I move and caress the holes and adjust my own breath

I marvel at the power, potency and potential

That I hold in my hands.

When I play my whistle I am One with All,

I am One with Lord Krishna

Who played His flute to all the creatures, flowers and plants

In His garden because He loved them so much.

I read a story this morning…

Lord Krishna asked the bamboo to sacrifice a limb

So He could make a flute from it.

The bamboo was not sure but reluctantly agreed.

As Lord Krishna cut and bored the holes,

The brave bamboo stoically endured the pain

For he loved Lord Krishna with all his heart.

When Lord Krishna had finished,

The music that emanated from the sacrificial bamboo

Was magical, mystical and ethereal.

From that day on, morning and night,

The bamboo flute never left Lord Krishna’s side.

Some Gopis grew jealous of the attention

Lord Krishna bestowed on the little flute.

He answered the Gopis, “I love this flute…

Because the bamboo has always been empty inside”.


Such a small, unassuming little whistle

But what a profound message it carries.

May all life be as a flute…empty, open and receptive

To the playing of the Universe.


5 thoughts on “Need for Emptiness.

  1. What a lovely Krishna story and to think I, sitting in India, had to first hear it form someone in Scotland!!!
    I like what you write and will be visiting more often, for sure! TC and keep writing…


    1. How wonderful! This made me chuckle…tis what this is all about…making connections, in the moment and then moving on…! Thank you for your kind comments, look forward to following you and inspiration to your grey matter!

      Liked by 1 person

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