Rock of Ages.

For Rev. Dan Gafvert,

Minister of ChristChurch Episcopal Church,

( in days gone by, the Celtic Church ),



…who carries a profound fondness for the hymn, Rock of Ages and All Things Celtic.

With grateful thanks and blessings…

Going there…image

From the corner of my eye,

Scanning freshly turned soil

Amidst Dumfriesshire rolling hills,

I saw you.

It only took a second

But I knew.

You called to me

imageIn your mystical way.

Across time and space,

Wise, weathered and worn,

Reassuring blessed signpost,

You seemed lonely, forgotten, neglected.

My heart felt heavy for you.

And coming back…

I had to find you again. image

I had to touch your ancient stone

And trace your weathered sacred symbols.

Sweeping winds have whittled away

Your crowning glory,

Your glorious arms and halo

That once reached up and out,

Testimony to Truth and Love and Light.

Today for me…

You are still so beautiful,

imageYour message shining pure and clear.

Oh! Rock of Ages, still standing firmly here,

Still guiding Pilgrims to that holy shrine,

St. Ninian of Whithorn.

Blessed Be.


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