Happy Earth Day!



Be still.

Can you not feel yourself being lovingly enveloped

imageBy the tender, caring nurture of Mother Earth?

She has the potential to unconditionally provide and sustain


This is not a one-way, draining and depleting system…

It works both ways, give and take, equal distribution,

Mutual respect, tolerance and non-judgement.


Thinking about yourself and rather put others’ needs before yours

And you will find that according to Her own agenda,

She will provide what is necessary for you right now,

At this moment in time to enable you to wake up,

Wipe the dirt from your eyes, untangle your whirling mind,

And be aware.

Let your breath mingle with the Breath of the Universe

And return to that still place of Harmony and Love.

Mother Earth is our Teacher, Her Wisdom is eternal.

She coaxes and cajoles us to Stop, Look and Listen.


We are all One, we are all connected,

Connected with and to our Earthly Mother.

May all beings be well,

May all beings be happy.





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