Carpe diem.

Yesterday was World Earth Day.

imageYet another card company, fabricated feast day,

I hear you say?


On the flip side, it might just stir some grey matter,

Or warm the cockles of your heart a wee bit.

imageIs your cup half full or half empty?

Does your tossed coin land tail side up?

Does your toast always land jam side down?

Choices and reactions,

Reactions and choices.

They hit us at mac speed like the encircling jet stream,

Smack in the face.


Yesterday I made a choice.

I sat on a warm, dandelion dotted, grassy bank

Watching the brilliant, dazzling, mini suns

Turn their heads in homage and acknowledgement

To the One gigantic, radiant, illuminating, fireball.

Listening to a steady buzzing of nectar/ pollen gatherers,

Alighting from flower to flower, restocking pollen baskets,

Their hypnotic drone-like chant carrying on the breeze.

Touching and running fingers through soft, cotton-wool moss

While a sweet, comforting smell of incense hung heavily,

Stirring up fond childhood memories from days now past.

Tantalising, mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked biscuits

From the world famous bakery behind me.

On the other hand…

I could have waited in the garage while the car tyre puncture was being fixed!


4 thoughts on “Carpe diem.

    1. Children just know…they have this deep deep intuition, which sadly we often as adults lose in the busy-ness of this demanding and expectant world…how lovely to still have young children who want to go to the park! Precious times.

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  1. I could have waited in the garage while the car tyre puncture was being fixed! … and grumbled over time lost, complained about the mechanic, feeling angry at the world and myself … Carpe Diem is the answer. Thank you!


  2. After assorted random button pressing your comment has resurrected again! Eureka. Thank you Peter once again, glad the connection was made and I have left a longer reply on your About page on your Blog. Enjoy the day.


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