Celtic Blessings.


The Universe is a collection of signs and symbols, pointers and markers.


imageThose who have been and those yet to come,

Speak with us,

Speak to us,

Speak through us…

Of signposts along this Life journey we travel.

Be ever Mindful.

Constantly, they connect and communicate

With the seemingly mundane and ‘ordinary’.

Metal mushrooms have been springing up,

Sprouting overnight, before my very eyes.

Whirling, rotating Triskelions,

Esoteric, mysterious, in constant motion.

Earthly cycles and seasons and flux,

Never-ending movement and change.

Your 3 arms whisper on the wind,

Of Past, Present, Future,

Of Spirit, Mind, Body,

Of Creation, Preservation, Destruction.

Stem and root, fixed, solid foundation,

Ever present, never changing.

Spinning branches endlessly agitated,

Expansion and Contraction.

Ancestors painting their wisdom on Cosmic canvas,

Celtic Blessings.


10 thoughts on “Celtic Blessings.

  1. A very powerful poem with its strong dependence on our ancestral heritage. The structures of the ancients have stood the test of time. They built their sites out of stone connecting with the spiritual world. Modern man builds the wind mills out of metal with material objectives in mind. Will these structures be able to last as long?


    1. What an interesting standpoint and angle…but l feel you are right. We in the so called”modern western” world have lost this ancient mystical spiritual connection…and l do not think they will stand the test of ages but I am intrigued by the symbology that resurrects over and over again…thanking you once again for your encouraging words. It is so helpful to get some feedback and I very much appreciate it. Regards to you all and have a lovely day over there!

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  2. Love this idea of ancestral memory! That something ancient has been passed down to us and is present even in modern day objects. Loving the word “Triskelion”. “Skelos” – “leg” in Ancient Greek, imbues life into your windmills and really ties them into the life-cycle of the physical world. Fantastic poem πŸ˜€


  3. Hallo Krysia, my wife asked me to send a message to tell you how much she enjoyed looking at your blog and reading your poetry written from the heart. To give you a ‘like’, she would have to log in at wordpress.com, the commercial sister company of wordpress.org, to which she belongs. Sorry for cluttering up your comment section.


    1. Please say a very big heartfelt thank you to Gertrud. Both she and yourself I think are truly inspiring and I very much connect with the way in which you view the world around you and all it’s subtle undercurrents. I think it is great to have a cluttered up comment section, it means humans are talking, connecting and not just pressing a default like button. One way is easy the other takes much more effort and time. Once again your gracious comments fill me with lots of good cheer and grateful appreciation. I really enjoyed your description of hiking at the Creek…sounds a magical place!

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  4. I absolutely loved reading this as well as the other posts. You have much wisdom to share. You pen your thoughts artfully and it seems to peek my interest. I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Have a look at my page as well, would love to hear your views. Cheers! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so for your encouraging words! It always thrills and stirs my heart when I make a connection! Thank you my friend… Yes I will certainly take a peek at your work…look forward to it. It will be a pleasure. Probably not over next few days as Hogmanay is a big festival here in Scotland and much time is about to be spent with family etc. my Blessings and good wishes to you for 2016 and thank you so once again. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠβœ¨πŸ’₯

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