Symbiotic Connectedness


Before I was ever born, you were here,

Bravely battling torrent and turbulent tempest,

Your weather-hewn stones, a witness of steadfastness,

The muted, creeping lichen growing across your face,

Your only meagre concession of protection.

Unquestioningly, you take the hand of Fate and embrace,

Continuing a dance of symbiosis, spanning centuries,

Tufted worn and wind dried grasses melodiously swaying,

Offering a little respite from scorching, searing, sun baked days.

Enveloped by your shadow, strength and quiet fortitude,

I am moved, stilled and immeasurably humbled.

What stories and tales and histories, heartless and heart filled,

Have your rough, craggy pores witnessed in Time?

Quieter days of seemingly idyllic existence, when days were slower

And Mother Nature revealed to man and beast alike,

The Sacred Interconnectedness that is Life, in all it’s pains and glories.

From shepherds tending their flocks on rugged, ravaged hillsides,

To bloody, barbaric and savage Clan massacres…

Your gaze unceasingly, unquestioningly looking out

Upon a world, agitated, distressed and knowingly or not,

Searching for  answers to quell the eternal questioning, churning within.

And now…

Cold, cruel, barbed-wire cuts through view and vision,

No longer natural rhythms of Seasons and Cycles, of Blessings and Being,

But a token,

Symbol of pain and suffering and cruelty and blindness.

Weeping gently, Mother Earth looks on…

And when I am dead and gone, you will still be here.


4 thoughts on “Symbiotic Connectedness

  1. Thank you so much, Jewels, l really value your comment, means a lot and gives me the impetus to keep going…to keep collecting ideas, words, happenings, etc, making connections, and weaving something new and original. Hope your day is bright and colourful!


  2. I see in your poem one of he mysteries of life..Those who were here a thousand yeas ago, might not have imagined that one thousand years after they are gone, the world would still be moving on. Here it is; and perhaps more than twenty thousand years after we are all gone, the world will still be moving on. People will still be preaching about God and Jesus Christ just we do today. How small each of us is as compared to the universe. Yet we must do the best we can to play our role as God designed it for us while we are here.

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  3. Indeed, we are but a small tiny grain of sand in the whole of the Cosmos, and yet in our own unique and individual way we can make a difference to the folk around us, with our faith and love and example. We are so small yet so very big…it is quite a mystery…one of life’s miracles. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and stopping to write a few words. I very much appreciate your time in your busy schedule. Peace and Blessings to you and your family.


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