Celestial Carillon


Elegantly dangling, like fine tubular bells

Suspended on a supple, malleable frame,

The Ladies in the Bath, costumes and coiffure complete,

Have taken centre stage to commence the playing of

Their much awaited and acclaimed Percussion solos.

DSC_0011 (1)

All through the First Act…early Spring, they waited,

Graciously and patiently, Hearts Bleeding in the wings,

Fine-tuning, practising and perfecting,

Until finally, their time, their cue has come.

The Master Conductor taps the celestial baton,

The cosmic spotlights converge,

The cottage garden is muted in a long, drawn out fermata…

With hushed and muted breath, it waits…

Until finally the eerie, tinkly, haunting strains of  a celestial carillon arises,

From heart-shaped, fairy bells that gently jingle

Against the dark and mysterious backdrop of night.

DSC_0009 (1)

These are no ordinary, mortal, earthly strains,

But dainty, delicate, supernatural notes of transcendent sublimity.

No human eardrum can capture their subtle and inaudible beauty.

This sweet and intoxicating tune of Titania…

Destined for the moon, bearing that self same name

And the reaches of the far flung limitless eternity beyond.


Perhaps one day, my ears will be finely honed

And my eyes, re-lensed and cleansed

So that I might also be a Dervish in this Dance of Maya!

But for now, I will content myself and commune,

With the Fairy that lives at the bottom of my garden!


# Common names for Dicentra =

Bleeding Heart, or when flowers become older and are turned upside down, Ladies in the Bath.

Fermata = Musical symbol denoting the prolonging of a note, at the performer’s discretion.#


12 thoughts on “Celestial Carillon

  1. Here again we have an outstanding poem, which I admire for its imagery and its attempt to point beyond to what it is seen on the surface of common and not so common objects. English is not my mother tongue, so I have to confess that I had to look up carillon and a few other words to complete my understanding of your lovely poem.


    1. Thank you so much, again Peter. I have to congratulate you on your skill in using the English language. It is so good that when I read your posts it does not enter my head that it is not your mother tongue. Truly exceptional, though I did feel a wee bit sorry that you had to spend time looking up some of the words…and I thank you for your time and trouble. It is much appreciated and valued. I am drawn to the mystical and ethereal and other worldly…and all the connections and miracles that surround us, daily…they are there, we just have to relearn and remember to be able to see. Blessings to you both.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you so much Jewels, what a lovely comment. So glad you enjoyed reading it, too. That flower is rather special and splendid isn’t it, I felt drawn to write about it. Really appreciate your time, stopping to comment…!


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