Lady Alchemilla

For my daughter, Rae.  She will know why…


My Dear Lady Alchemilla,

Your pleated, waterproofed mantles and frothy flowers

Gently nod to me in unison as I brush past,

A stunning study in apple-green and chartreuse.

Glistening, transparent water beads of differing proportions,

Rolling rhythmically across the surface,

As if just jettisoned from a pin ball machine!

This game of Alchemy holds me spellbound and mesmerised.

Cloaked in magic and mystery, your divination strangely potent!

In days of old, at dawn, when dew lay heavy,

Your watery orbs were  gathered up and highly prized,

Considered the healing aeons of gods.

The Alchemist in his quest to change metal into gold

Used them also, your water deemed the purest of all.

For  decades your enchantment has entranced me.

Now purposely a clump of you now grows

In full view of my back door, so I can be reminded…

Of the Miracle, My Lady, that is You.

And invariably I find myself singing these beautiful words,

And humming them to Handel’s exquisite music…

“Did you not hear My Lady,

Go down the garden singing,

Blackbird and thrush were silent,

To hear the alleys ringing.

Oh saw you not My Lady,

Out in the garden there,

Shaming the rose and lily,

For she is twice as fair.”


Alchemilla mollis = common name, Lady’s Mantle.

Quote from Silent Worship, the 1928 adaptation by Arthur Somervell of the Aria, Non lo diro col labbro, from Handel’s 1728 Opera, Tolomeo, ( Ptolemy ).


11 thoughts on “Lady Alchemilla

    1. Oh you are so so kind. What a lovely comment and thank you so much. My daughter is a writer, living in London and since she introduced me to this Blog in March we have had many a fruitful exchange! Interesting times, indeed.


      1. You’re welcome. What a grand mother/daughter relationship you share. I hope my 17 year old daughter still likes her mom when she gets older – so far, so good 🙂
        Have a wonderful and fruitful weekend.


      2. More lovely words…thank you once again, AnnMarie. You must be doing all the right things with your daughter if “so far so good”…and yes, we do have a most special relationship. I do not see her that often, she lives in London, I in Southern Scotland, and I do miss her terribly, so any time together is most special. You have a lovely week end also…bright and cheery!

        Liked by 1 person

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