Profundity of 2 wet flannels.

On waking up…

I head for the bathroom,

Customary early morning port of call.

Through sleep-encrusted eyes

And a still-fuddled brain,

Still remembering fragments of stills

Making up the bizarre, virtual soap-drama

My mind acted out just a few hours ago,

And holding the handrail in my head to steady myself,

Not wanting to succumb to mind-sickness…

My body readjusts, settles and wakes a little more,

And reflects…

Which and what is reality?

That strange and curious world in which my mind,

Disengaged from this body, this shell, this earthly temple,

That slumbered and slept, recharged and rebooted itself,

And engaged in the scrambling of a  multi-coloured collage,

Sum total of memories and future hopes,

All mixed together, shaken and stirred,


This earthly plane, that suddenly hits me like 2 wet flannels,

Smack in the face!


With a subtle degree of agitation I observe

The 2 flannels, wet and extremely random,

Sitting scrunched up, perched on the bath handrail!

My agitation rises a notch or two…

Is this reality?

My annoyance that my husband failed to leave…

The now infamous wet flannels…

In a nice orderly and tidy fashion?


Would not have left them so!

Never in a month of Sundays!

Annoyance turning to exasperation!


Is this what Man calls Reality?

I do not think so.

It cannot be so?

Can it?


8 thoughts on “Profundity of 2 wet flannels.

  1. Ha ha ha and Lol…therefore this cannot be reality with a capital “R”…we females of the species see not what you menfolk see, or we see the same but analyse and compute it differently. It is therefore reality with a “r”…
    Well done Kunal…you beat my husband in making the suitable, defend my own corner retort to my poem………………I am still waiting for his! Have a bright day!


  2. Sometimes it seems that our life is all screwed up. However if we allow it to unfold in the now it will find it’s own natural harmonious beauty.
    Awakened by a wet flannel… How normal lol.
    P.s. Sorry about not being tidy when finishing my bath… I expect that I was half asleep. Xx

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  3. I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for 5 Photos/5 Stories Challenge. For five consecutive days, you can post anything. It can be fictional or nonfictional: a short story, paragraph or a poem. Please be sure to nominate a blog each story. You are not obligated to accept but I would love to see some great pictures. Have fun!


    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you so much for my nomination and I feel very honoured that you have considered me in this way! I am new to blogging and am quite new to writing so this has been a real roller coaster of an introduction to all of this.
      My friend, I cannot accept your nomination at this very moment as now that the weather is improving, and I and my husband run a self employed gardening business, I am out most days care taking others people’s gardens and it would be impossible for me to submit on 5 consecutive days…by the time I finish for the day, I am pretty tired, all I can do is cook a meal, shower and bed. But then, our work IS seasonal and come late, Autumn, Winter, we have no work…apart from maybe my occasional organ playing for funerals or fill in services at other churches, and then I will have so much more time to write.
      Thank you Anne, I am indeed touched and it has been wonderful to meet all you lovely folk out there, all be it in a strange virtual reality sort of world…take good care, Peace and Blessings to you. So, Anne, I hope you don’t mind my delaying this little exercise until gardening pressures are over. Also, the gaps between posting will get a little bigger. I am sure the creative river will keep flowing, all be it, it will dry up around the edges a little…thanks for your understanding, and I will continue to post, as and when able! Best Wishes, keep well. : >)

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  4. That’s fine. I understand completely. It was just a fun activity and you shouldn’t ever feel pressured or pressed to participate. I had fun and a great time with it as I love to write and blog. Best wishes with the gardening business and playing the organ. My, you’re talented! You have a green thumb like my mother. She loves to work in her flower gardens. My skills end there as I love flowers but gardening is not exactly my cup of tea. Thanks for replying back and the invitation is open if you accept later on. All the best and I am feeling much better than last week. Thanks for the well-wishes and blessings. Many Blessings, Anne

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