Pond Pondering

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In the blinking of an eye and the warble of the warbler,

The pond puts on her splendid, bespoke summer clothes.

Silently and secretly simmering and smouldering,

Frogspawn explodes…a hundred detonations

Prompting Nature’s touchpaper  to awaken

And light the dormant creative spark within.

A living, loving electricity, leaping and jumping,

Rekindling and lovingly revitalising

All that it embraces in it’s path,

And igniting with glowing colour and radiance

All that it touches.

image    image

image    image

I sit…

In stillness meditating and pondering,

Pond watering and quenching my soul’s thirst,

Such hallowed, such sweet, sacred beauty.

Acers, their blazing glowing countenances vying for attention

Whilst they guard this sublime and special spot.

image   image

image   image

Each tree budding and emerging hesitantly,

Tentatively checking for potential frostbite…

In succession, one by one and bit by bit,

Like a finely honed firework display

The pond is suddenly and magically surrounded

By clouds of wispy, delicately denticulated leaves,

All bowing and swaying in homage

To the rhythmic design they carry.

image     image

image   image

Ammonite-like and tightly curled,

New fern fronds unfurl from hibernation,

Eager to expand and grow and uncurl

So they can stretch their fingers to the sun

In graceful prayer and adoration.

Robed in majesty and electrifyingly dazzling,

Kingcups open their petals in worshipful chorus,

Blazing a flaming, resplendent rhapsody.

  imageimage image          image

Senses tingling blissfully at such brazen-faced beauty…

And heart filled with gladness and joyful gratitude,

Knowing this small corner amongst concrete, slab and monoblock

Provides a heaven, safe haven for God’s precious creatures.

Lush, green postage stamp oasis affixed to stark envelope desert.

Indeed I am blessed to be a garden care-taker.

Long may the voles live beneath the waterfall…

And the frogs rustle the heart leaves of the Marsh Marigolds,

Resting after the exertions of frenzied Spring courtship,

Surveying the pond’s surface, long tongues at the ready…

Zen-like they wait for an à la carte dinner to alight and settle!

image    image

image  image

Long may the little family of mice live under the path,

Scampering out when they think no one is looking,

Helping themselves to dropped offerings from the bird table.

Long may the elderberry tree with sand-paper bark

Provide a giant scratching post for grateful neighbouring cats!

Long may I  breathe and walk and be here now…

Feel the sun on my skin, the wind on my face,

Hear the blackbird at twilight and the sparrow at dawn,

And be given the grace to feel every living particle pulsing

With love that is life itself!


Apologies for the profusion of photos; the plan was to swamp your senses

with a feast of form and colour so that you might get a feel

of the sheer lushness of the pond and garden at this moment!


10 thoughts on “Pond Pondering

  1. No apologies needed here, Krysia! Your pictures are in complete harmony with your reflective poem. After a long, harsh Scottish winter and late spring, nature is playing catch up. Your garden is literally exploding with the force of life. It must be a wonderful experience to sit in total tranquility by the pond pondering.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanking you most kindly once again, Peter and you are right…after the harshness of Winter, everything does explode…big style! No holding it back…so glad you liked the bombardment of photos…I couldn’t stop myself clicking. The pond is indeed my sanctuary and pond pondering a most uplifting pastime. Thank you for taking time out from your lovely family visitors to read my poem. That is most thoughtful of you! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time…your little granddaughters look adorable! Have fun and have another memorable day today, take care.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanking you most kindly, my friend…very glad it made a connection. The pond is a place of sanctuary…a hallowed place. Calm waters when all around is agitation. Take care and have a cheery day!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Tanveer for your lovely comment. It gives me great encouragement as I have only recently started blogging poetry…it meant a lot to me and I am so glad you were able to make a connection. Take care, blessings to you :>)


  2. You are just too kind, and thank you. So glad you connected and enjoyed…that’s the plan!! The pond is my place of sanctuary…stillness. Take care and have a cheery day…x


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