Mind Morph?


See, hear, touch, taste, smell,

Mind swinging betwixt heaven and hell,

All that stimulates our varied senses,

A play performed across our lenses,

Quick to label, good, bad, indifferent,

Looking at the world with eyes belligerent,

Depositing life’s accoutrements into boxes,

We should stop and live and be as foxes,

Meeting the need of each new moment,

Gazing at life with sheer enjoyment.


Put on the spectacles of a young child,

Let body, mind and soul become beguiled,

Viewing all as if for the very first time,

Witnessing that the world is indeed sublime.

Disengage brain, shut down and power off,

Hit delete, move to trash and do not scoff,

Stop and pause and finally reboot,

Original Blessing our inherent, ingrained root.


And strolling betwixt picture postcard and bin,

Observe that judgemental voice within,

For beauty abounds in each situation,

And strong the frequency of wisdom’s vibration.

There are lessons to learn in all we confront,

Teachers hidden in circumstances, seemingly blunt,

And next time when reading graffiti on wall,

Embrace the hidden meaning and your brain reinstall!


Graffiti discovered on wall whilst strolling down one of Edinburgh’s closes.

A study has shown that regular brisk walking 3 times a week increases the

size of the brain regions linked to planning and memory.

It can slow down the shrinking of the brain and the faltering mental skills

that old age so often brings.  Eureka!


5 thoughts on “Mind Morph?

  1. I like free verse as it does not put any shackles on your thought. I also like rhymes and rhythm in poetry, as you have tried so successfully in your poem ‘Mind Morph’, which tells me quite personally, ‘Open your eyes, you are not blind to beauty that can be found everywhere, if you only care to look.’ Krysia, I am going to write you an email in response to yet another touching comment. For the time being, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings!


  2. Thank you for your encouraging comments…the rhyming poem was a personal challenge, didn’t know if I could pull it off! The Graffiti shimmered and spoke to me and made me stop…on the way back I just had to take a picture…and the bins were sort of randomly, bizarrely beautiful! Email duly posted and thanking you once again 🙂


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