Requiem for a Rector…

You died three weeks ago,

Early, on a Monday morning…

And that same evening we built a shrine,

A testimony to your lifelong pilgrimage:

Inspirational, spiritual teacher,



Scholar and academic,

Loving, compassionate, gentle soul,

Who tirelessly sought the Truth and the Light.

Wisdom and Knowledge were yours…

In abundance…

And these you brought to our Monday Philosophy group,

Blessing us with your presence and open heart.

The table by your chair no longer host to the

Customary glass of water and scant cup of coffee…

But now a celebratory altar of your soul’s journey…

Heavy, heavenly hearted prayer,

Deep outpouring of grief and sadness,

Flowing from hearts, shaken and shocked,

Frayed and tattered emotions mingling,

Seeking comfort and consolation,

Crying at the seemingly sudden, unexpected,

Premature void left behind…

Your soul called to make the journey Home.

For you, all is now clean and clear,

Dirt and dust wiped away,

The mirror now polished to perfection,

And that which was once but a reflection,

Which was once unknown and hidden,

Is gloriously and radiantly revealed.

And what of this sacred inventory?


A white pillar candle in Swedish holder,

You hailed from those Nordic, Viking lands,

Speaking often of rune stones and Ragnarok,

And of indigenous folk who spoke to Nature,

With a reverence and  respect for the Earth,

Who saw, as you did, the spirits that live among us,

Our gracious guides, tenderly tending each faltering footstep,

And each hesitant twist and turn along the Way,

As we proceed forwards precariously back to our beginning!


A pewter chalice holding water from the White Spring at Glastonbury,

And you, a much seasoned traveller to this holy well,

This blessed corner of England, by you, so dearly loved.

Isle of Avalon, shrouded in mystery and ancient legend.


Pink and green banded Iona rock, imbued with the songs

Of Celtic Saints, who called to you to follow in their wake,

Their lifestories quenching your soul’s thirst and hunger.


Wooden rosary beads, not with symbolic cross gracing their head,

But a beautiful bone carved flower adorning its’ start and finish.

Alpha and Omega,

First and Last,

Loving tribute to that Divine Essence,

Original Blessing that Nature so wonderfully displays,

Of  Which and into Which we all infuse.

Oh hallowed Osmosis, omniscient Photosynthesis!


The words Faith carved across the back of an angel figurine,

Strong and solid, steadfast and sure…

And your Faith, dear Dan was just so…

Pure and simple and uncomplicated,

And this treasure you scattered and shared with us all.

We continue our own journeys knowing that

We carry with us a generous sprinkling of your angel dust!

Prized and precious pilgrim’s sustenance,

Our soul’s restorative and refreshment.


A smooth, dark- grained, hand carved cross,

The olive wood uniquely distinct and unmistakable,

Brought back from the Holy Land by a fellow pilgrim,

With prayers of troubled times and conflicts engrained in its’ pores.


You loved and revered “the Nature”…

Telling us to look to Her for wise example and divine Design, manifested.

We picked blue Centaurea and Forget me nots to adorn your table,

Reminding us that the children loved to hear your stories and tales!

You loved writing them and reciting them and bringing them alive,

Supported by an assortment of quirkily dressed teddy bears,

Each with an important role to play and message to share.

The new age bear wearing dreadlocks a firm favourite!

Forget me nots were flowering more abundantly,

Gloriously and daintily speckling the borders,

When your body breathed its’ final breath

And your loving heart beat its’ last tender beat.

We will never forget you or the legacy that you leave behind,

Dan Gafvert, Rector of Christchurch, Lanark, 2007 – 2015.

You built interfaith bridges, pointing out the One-ness of all,

Our inter connectedness with all beings and with all the earth!

You were indeed a Sadhu, and in Sanskrit definition:

Well-disposed, well-wishing and lovingly bounteous.

Like the Springtime with its’ mysterious force,

Your presence brought forth a stirring, an awakening,

A flowering and a blossoming…

Where all was dormant before you came,

A spirit of hope and blessed assurance now permeates through all…

Rest in the deep peace and eternal bliss that has ever been yours,

In all ages, past, present and to come…

Dear Dan, you joined us on our path for a little while,

You walked alongside us and you walked a little ahead,

Shining a light so we might see a little easier,

Teaching us how we might open our eyes to our eternal birthright

And showing us how to hear the Word of God, in its’ many layers.

Your gifts, your life’s bounty will remain with us,

In all ways and in all the days of our lives.

The peace of the earth be with you, Dan,

The peace of the heavens, too.


1951- 2015.


Our dear Rector died on June 8th, and for the past 3 weeks I and friends in our Philosophy group and Church congregation have been in a kind of hazy, cloudy, malaise and despondency…initially preparing and partaking in funeral services, playing organ, keyboard, guitar and reading a beautiful Rumi poem which was just perfect for the occasion.  Dear WordPress friends, I will share this with you, shortly, as well as getting myself back into the rhythm of blogging and writing again. It will be good therapy for me and I hope to catch up ASAP with all your new posts and comments…all 1,500 or so emails !!!! Hhhhmmmm…cue for a blog methinks on suffocation by email! Must check my settings, laugh out loud!

My garden and those of others, has been my healing place and healing time and I have many pics to share with you, having been busy tending, planting out and just immersing myself in the abundant and sumptuous vigour of Nature at this time of glorious Midsummer. The weather here in Southern Scotland is set to improve and I am out care taking gardens when possible. My WordPress participation may seem somewhat scant just now…but no worries…I do NOT aim to do a runner, it has just been a time when I have needed to withdraw from the busy ness of this world, to reflect and contemplate on just how precious life with breath, heart beating, just being here,is. Every day is a new miracle, a new gift from God…to be lived to the full, embraced and enjoyed, as we likewise embrace and love and give compassion to all sentient beings around us.

Take good care my good friends and I hope to ease myself back into the swing of things, gently and gradually, breaking out of my cocoon bit by bit. I have many blogs sprouting and growing on, in my head! Peace and Blessings… : )


Midsummer murmurations of Montana…


A frenzy of Poppies!


Rose cradling the back of the house,

with more blooms than ever this year, and aptly named…



27 thoughts on “Requiem for a Rector…

  1. So sorry to know about your loss.. you have poured your heart out in this post in form of your heart felt words.. may God give you a lot of strength and love.. We wordpressers are there for you, always. . Keep sharing with us..

    The beautiful flowers in your garden are so lovely. . You are tending to them so gently and with lot of love.. Keep it up

    Love ❤💖

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so so much for your warm and loving words…they mean a lot to me and indeed memories will always be there to treasure…another day was spent in the garden on the hottest day so far this year! Indeed, I am slowly refocusing and gathering momentum again…Joy to you and yours, also! 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear of your loss, but look at it that there’s another bright star up in the sky looking down on you , xxxxx take care be strong, keep blogging xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my friend…yes indeed a new star up there! This made me smile…what a lovely comment and I am slowly getting back into the swing of blogging again…never down for long usually bounce back up quite quickly my friend! Another very warm night…hope you manage to get some decent sleep despite heat wave! You take good care also…this heat kind of zaps your energy…good night! xxxx


  3. Such a beautiful, beautiful posts Krys. Your exquisite way with words is truly a balm for the soul. My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your Rector, who was clearly a very special someone to you and many others. ❤
    Glad to see you back blogging again, and I look forward to reading more of your lovely words…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your words are just too kind and lovely and thank you so much for your encouragement! I am overwhelmed by the welcome back I have had from you and other WordPress friends…I feel truly humble and SO privileged to have connected with you! I am slowly gathering momentum again and getting back into the old rhythm of things…just takes time…yes indeed…Dan was an inspirational spiritual teacher as well as a friend and he had a knack of bringing out the best of someone, encouraging folk to use all their talents to the full! My creative blogging cogs are turning as I write…and once again thank you and I shall likewise continue to enjoy reading your posts too! Got 3 weeks worth of blogs to slowly scroll through…good night Julie, take care xx 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your heartfelt comment…it has indeed been a huge wrench for us all. Dan’s spiritual teachings were so simple and beautiful and profound…but God’s plan moves on and we continue to live in hope and trust knowing that things will progress just as they are meant to…!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. My friend, thank you SO much for your dear, dear words of comfort. Yes over time, acceptance of how Life twists and turns in such unexpected ways is slowly dawning on me. Your words are a great comfort to me…you take care also and have a lovely week end! 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. What lovely, kind, heartfelt comments. They in turn have taken me to another place…it has indeed been a difficult month adjusting to the loss of such a soul…but it was his time to go and we are left here to embrace our remaining journeys. Your love and warm hugs are very welcome. Thank you so. You take good care and enjoy the week ahead, with much love, Krys. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your heartfelt thoughts. With time, the healing process is taking effect… And indeed you go about the practicalities of life… And the loss gets a little lighter and easier. As you say, angels on earth are rare… Your words are very moving also…and comforting, thank you so much, ❤️🌹🌿 xx


  4. This is a beautiful tribute to someone who obviously gave love unselfishly and found himself the recipient of so much love in return. I am sorry for your loss and trust that time, as always, will lessen the pain.

    Liked by 1 person

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