Seaside sublimity.

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Yesterday was a holy day and a holiday.

Frothy, dreamy, Midsummer Meadowsweet in hedgerows

Heralding the splendour of promise and pleasure to come…

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A day of rest and renewal and rejuvenation.

Of touching base and returning to basics,

Of holding my Beloved’s hand,

My Anam Cara, my soul friend,

Of leaving behind two sets of footprints on wet sand

To be washed away later by sea’s ebb and flow.

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Gentle, sweet and mellow was the day

As the sun reappeared above Ailsa Craig

And oscillating wave plumes glinted and glistened.

Majestic heavenly spire of Goat Fell touching sky

And comforting arms of Arran cradling sacred Holy Island.

Temperate sea breeze elegantly stroking  Marram grass,

And tongue on lips tasting air’s distinct salinity

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Sultry summer sea spray depositing rainbow tinged foam

Whilst watching white horses forming far out on dark sea,

Then galloping and gambolling in steady wide formation,

Only to regurgitate a continuous tangle of seaweed threads.

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It was a day for sitting on sun bathed rock and gazing out to sea,

Squinting our eyes to see Ireland’s Coast, the sun warmingly reassuring.

Textures and patterns, form and fantasy, fleetingly surfacing

In unhurried, unagitated, natural simplicity!

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It was a day for watching Bonnie our dog, grasping and seizing the moment,

Throwing herself into waves, oblivious of cold and current,

Teaching us how to be truly, completely and totally alive,

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A most perfect day, indeed.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh most undoubtedly got it right!



Croy Shore is situated south of Ayr on the West Coast of Scotland, in Culzean Bay.

Ailsa Craig, is sometimes called Paddy’s Milestone, and very much a landmark

rock formation alerting folk to the proximity of the Scottish coastline.

Dunure, just north of Croy Shore is where Charles Rennie Mackintosh often holidayed,

having studied at Glasgow School of Art. I am hoping to have picked up on some of his inspiration!


Line Dance…


There is something special and satisfying about a washing line…

Not just any washing line, but this one in particular.

Suspended between two trees, strong, steadfast and stalwart,

Like an inviting tightrope for bugs to navigate and play follow my leader

And set in gardens that were once religiously and meticulously manicured,

These wise old trees bear witness to changing lifestyles and fads,

To fashions and foibles, to people arriving and people departing…

To an assortment of biographies all pegged out on a line!

Today’s story was most exquisite, most refined, most stylish:

A row of beautifully tailored shirts and blouses, billowing in the breeze,

Each one chosen for it’s elegant design, tasteful pattern and harmonious hue.

A light southerly wind gently blew warm breath into each garment,

Causing each one to swell and inflate, puff up and take form

So that the washing line suddenly takes on a macabre, surreal quality.

Now there is a row of headless, handless, armless torsos, all swaying together,

Keeping strict time in unison, their line dance suspended in mid air,

Trees’ leaves cast intricate dappled shadows across imaginary abdomens,

And I awake from my bizarre and grotesque reverie with a jolt

As a thought arises from a deep crevice within my brain…

Some humans have no need of light Southerlies to blow and bloat them up…

Many are already filled with hot air to maximum capacity and bursting point!

Pomposity, pretentiousness and pride pervade the air in which they are suspended.


Where did I put that pin?



I was not able to take a photo of the washing line that inspired me…

as I was gardening for a client!  Instead, I rigged up 3 of my favourite shirts of my husband’s

…for artistic purposes of course!  🙂

Aeonian Axis


Earth spins and rotates at stupefying pace around it’s axis

Simultaneously encircling and orbiting the sun,

Whilst I, a nanoscopic speck juxtapositioned on it’s surface

Am blissfully unaware of such out of this world goings-on!

Going about the busy-ness of daily doings and happenings,

Cosmic movement rarely gets a look in from my tiny little mind!


Why should it then be that I am so very acutely aware

Of my own personal frantic whirling and turning?

I am like a hamster on an exercise wheel,

Human claws treading and running at supersonic speed

And somehow the mechanism has jammed and stuck

And there is no stopping, no jumping off…


And perish that thought…

It all spirals out of control!

Many are the hats that I wear throughout a day,

Many are the labels that I alternate between…

Wife, Mother, Housewife, Cook, Cleaner, Organist, Blogger, Gardener…

Ah, the latter is stuck to my head, the others getting an occasional turn

And when not in use, hang neatly on pegs arranged in tidy rows

Hanging in the orderly cloakroom of my mind, awaiting their turn!


I am NOT the sum total of all my varied hats and labels and chores and jobs…

I am more, so much more and I am nothing…emptiness.

A most beautiful, divine and sacred paradox!



Jai Ram.

Praise be to God from whom all Blessings flow…

And the hamster wheel gradually and steadily, slows down,

And now it is rocking gently, smoothly, from side to side,

Like a Newton’s Cradle progressively losing momentum,

Or a Buddhist Mani or prayer wheel decelerating…

And I am lulled into a heavenly and enchanted sleep.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

And now…

All is still as I am cradled and lovingly held

In the pivotal arms of the Wheel of Eternity…

Hallowed peace at last…

Rem Resurgence…


I waken from sleep disorientated,

Still clinging to that place where that other “me” goes

When not wearing the now tired and past its’ “best before” date, body…

The one I was given when my soul/spirit had need to manifest,

And “I” found myself trying it on for size and comfort.

It was obviously a good fit as “I” am walking around with it still!

Over these earth years its’ size has fluctuated enormously,

Outer rendering showing signs of deterioration now

And more seriously, signs of cracking are beginning to appear!

Hopefully there will not be any need for underpinning in the near future!

But where do “I” go when my body sleeps and my mind shuts down?

My lungs rise and fall, my heart beats and pumps of its’ own accord,

All operating systems finely tuned and working in unison!

A veritable miracle, if ever “I” saw one…!

Where does my ‘mind’ go to when this body of intricate levers and pulleys, slumbers?

Perhaps it checks into some central ethereal recharging station

Where batteries are topped up and the entire system rebooted?

Where necessary maintenance is carried out during this daily pit-stop!

Where this body’s straightjacket poses no more restrictions of this world.

Where for a little while the “I” can experience the freedom of, as yet, unknown realms,

Where just being is so so simple and refreshingly unrestrained…

Complications only recommence when we climb into our chosen/ given bodies once again,

Our souls, having been catapulted into the ether, return like a boomerang, bang on cue,

And we know we have another earth day to live, to love, to be human once again…


Image courtesy of World Science Festival, 2011.