Seaside sublimity.

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Yesterday was a holy day and a holiday.

Frothy, dreamy, Midsummer Meadowsweet in hedgerows

Heralding the splendour of promise and pleasure to come…

image        image

A day of rest and renewal and rejuvenation.

Of touching base and returning to basics,

Of holding my Beloved’s hand,

My Anam Cara, my soul friend,

Of leaving behind two sets of footprints on wet sand

To be washed away later by sea’s ebb and flow.

image     image

Gentle, sweet and mellow was the day

As the sun reappeared above Ailsa Craig

And oscillating wave plumes glinted and glistened.

Majestic heavenly spire of Goat Fell touching sky

And comforting arms of Arran cradling sacred Holy Island.

Temperate sea breeze elegantly stroking  Marram grass,

And tongue on lips tasting air’s distinct salinity

image     image

Sultry summer sea spray depositing rainbow tinged foam

Whilst watching white horses forming far out on dark sea,

Then galloping and gambolling in steady wide formation,

Only to regurgitate a continuous tangle of seaweed threads.

image   image

It was a day for sitting on sun bathed rock and gazing out to sea,

Squinting our eyes to see Ireland’s Coast, the sun warmingly reassuring.

Textures and patterns, form and fantasy, fleetingly surfacing

In unhurried, unagitated, natural simplicity!

image      image

It was a day for watching Bonnie our dog, grasping and seizing the moment,

Throwing herself into waves, oblivious of cold and current,

Teaching us how to be truly, completely and totally alive,

image        image





A most perfect day, indeed.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh most undoubtedly got it right!



Croy Shore is situated south of Ayr on the West Coast of Scotland, in Culzean Bay.

Ailsa Craig, is sometimes called Paddy’s Milestone, and very much a landmark

rock formation alerting folk to the proximity of the Scottish coastline.

Dunure, just north of Croy Shore is where Charles Rennie Mackintosh often holidayed,

having studied at Glasgow School of Art. I am hoping to have picked up on some of his inspiration!


26 thoughts on “Seaside sublimity.

  1. Wow Krys, I love the pictures.. you look so lovely ! The beach side is wonderful. . I love these lines :

    Of holding my Beloved’s hand,
    My Anam Cara, my soul friend,
    Of leaving behind two sets of footprints on wet sand
    To be washed away later by sea’s ebb and flow.

    Wish you much love and hugs.. 💕💕
    Hope you have a blessed week ahead 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Once again thank you so for your kind words. It is indeed a special place, and it was a very special day…a real Holy day! So glad you liked the pics…more days of retreating like that from the agitation of external affairs are needed, I think…to recharge and just be.
      A little gardening carried out today, but more today as the weather is good…same tomorrow! Hope you are well and happy also as the week progresses. Take good care… 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I really loved the serenity of this scenic place. You also look so happy and at peace… Keep smiling 🙂
        Happy productive week at work and a blessed one too.. hope the weather also keeps warn for you.
        Lots of love and hugs 💗💗💗💗

        Liked by 1 person

      2. …managed to do a little work yesterday. A rainy start to Thursday so late getting out and about to garden today. Hoping it will clear later…we are not having much of a Summer this year 😦 take care my friend! 🙂 xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Apologies, I have been busy gardening and doing DIY in the house over the last few weeks. So much rain in Scotland that John and I have been rushing out in between rain showers to keep our customers happy! Then, trying to fit in our own garden and other commitments. I managed to submit a post the other day with a few pictures of the garden…but have got lots more that I want to put up and have a post forming and taking shape in my head. We grow apples, blackberries, black currants, rhubarb, leaks, lettuce, potatoes,beans,courgettes, onions, garlic, and lots and lots of herbs as I am vegetarian and love cooking. Also many many flowers and shrubs of assorted shapes and forms of which I will post some more pics soon, as I have a poem forming in my head about it! I do hope you are well and happy and I love your post from 4th August. Truly inspirational. Take good care my friend, keep well and happy! 🙂 x


      4. Hello Krys, it is such a delight interacting with you my dearest friend. And please pardon me for the delayed reply. Your orchard is heaven to me. So many plants and vegetables. I am also a vegetarian so I love all the plants in your garden. We are also having a lot of rains in Mumbai. Miss you a lot !
        love and hugs 💗 💕 💕

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Aaaaw Hello Himali…I too have missed the connectedness of being on here. Even though it was kind of strange at first… This other world that exists across the Ether… You are still connecting even though not physically, and it is a really good positive feeling. It is about juggling all the demands of life and being true to yourself at the same time. I am fine, my dear friend. It has been a long gardening season and I am just a wee bit tired. Also we have the Christmas Festival next week so once more busy, busy, busy! Winter here too and we have had so much rain and it is so mild. The weather is certainly changing! Feeling lazy in the mornings perhaps means that your body is telling you you need a rest, a break…Winter is about Hibernation! Conserve energies! Still not caught up with your Blogs…slowly does it! Take good care, good wishes, K ❄️🎄⭐️💟 x

        Liked by 1 person

    1. We had the most perfect of days, thank you my friend…and I blinked and that’s another week gone…? Been a busy one, Blogging gets put on the sidelines! Your doodling is awesome and I had a feeling that that post from Ayr would resonate with you! Glad you enjoyed it and thank you SO for your comment! Take care and God’s Blessings to you… 🙂


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