Storm in a teacup!


and I scattered my poetic potential

upon the vast w.w.w. ( World Wide Waters ) of WordPress.

With hope and eager anticipation

I stirred this exotic and aromatic brew,

held my breath and waited.


for spirit to inspire,  inspiration to take form.


for words to manifest, to gel, to coagulate.


for what was once invisible to become visible.


for my ever present, newly unearthed friends,

those precious vehicles of my innermost BE -ing’s expression

to imbue and emerge.


All Summer long my literary leaves swirled and swelled,

joyfully releasing their colourful, diverse flavours.

I poured them into a myriad of assorted cups,

each holding unique tastes and textures and undertones!

The outpouring was prolific, fast and all-embracing,

my soul’s dance, though unseasoned

reaching mesmerisingly dizzying heights.


And as the first hints of Autumn touched the highs of Summer,

a heaviness and a frustration slowly percolated my poetry pot.

Aspirations and compositions sinking,

sinking down,

sinking slowly down to ever deeper and deeper depths and

there remaining motionless.

Like prospective fossils embedded lifeless in oceanic silt,

spiritless, listless and inanimate,

daydreams expired,

passed away,

perished and bit the dust!

Castles in the air evaporated…


We sheltered there, my thoughts and I,

burrowing gladly into the comforting sands of Time and

on the surface, like the Corryvreckan Whirlpool,

we witnessed the raging self-induced storm of


displaying a frenzied busyness and insanity,

boiling currents trying to pull and draw me in and


sucking joy and carefree abandon from my very existence.

Situations disguised in sinister costumes

hovered menacingly over me…

a delectable cake sitting invitingly on a tea place

I watched and allowed each and every one of them to

cut and remove a slice of me until

all that remained was a solitary little crumb…


Now Winter,

and a glimmer of hope once more.

As the sun rises and sinks beyond a hibernating landscape,

I, like the Philae lander on Comet 67P

am beginning to wake up…

to slowly and gently once again

re-establish lost contact and

optimistically fire on all cylinders.

All systems engaging harmoniously and

at least I didn’t get ALL eaten up!

Hello to all my friends and followers again upon this vast WordPress Ocean!  I hope the above words kind of express the physically demanding Season we have had, gardening, setting up our new business, building a client base, family to stay and a whole host of other circumstances that appear across this tapestry we call Life.

Having withdrawn for such an extended time…I almost felt afraid to log back on here and resume my Blog. Hey! I have done it and I sincerely hope that I find you ALL well and hearty as we here approach the festive Christmas Season…which is yet another huge slice of cake that could be taken from my tea plate…If I let it! Herein lies the Secret.

Please bear with me, my return will be somewhat slow and unsteady and my apologies to all who tried to contact me and to new followers who did not get thanked. All will happen in due course. My good wishes to you all!


23 thoughts on “Storm in a teacup!

    1. Thank you my friend, I am trying to ease myself back in gently having had a long gardening season… and now Christmas looms, so easing myself back in gently! I have missed writing my poetry and missed my connection with friends on here! Cannot promise frequency of posts but I aim to stay connected this time… Good wishes to you and yours! K 💟🎄❄️⭐️ x

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    1. Thank you for your comment and welcome…my husband and I are self employed gardeners…we like to think that we do the finer points of gardening…I.e. Pruning, splitting, designing, planting etc., not just mowing and strimming. I originally trained and worked as an Art teacher in Secondary school…so not that far removed, I suppose?
      I hope all is well with you and your family as you say you have also had some time away from Blogland! A Peaceful and Joyous Christmas to you also, my friend, with Blessings for 2016, 🙂


    1. Good morning my friend, you have presented me with a gift as I did not know that Pink Floyd song but upon uTubing it… Wow I have been blown away by the lyrics, the ringing bell and keyboard at start and the Artwork on the site, pant_scorpions! It so spoke to me just now, just had to let you know. Lines such as ‘ dizzy heights of that dreamed of world, ‘in a world of magnets and miracles, ‘time took our dreams away’ ‘life consumed by slow decay,’steps taken forwards but sleepwalking back again,’ ‘there’s a hunger still unsatisfied’. At present I am reading a book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr.Brian Weiss a prominent psychiatrist who through hypnosis regresses folk, more particularly he writes about his first patient when he discovered the existence of past lives… etc. The words in the song… ‘though down this road we’ve been so many times’, really hit home…thank you my friend as I prepare to take part in my dear friend’s Bahái funeral this afternoon. I and John are reading a Rumi poem called ‘ When I die…’and Evelyn’s link lies on my bedside table and I have not forgotten your poetry. I have also begun to read her book again after many many years. My thanks for all the vibrant links you are throwing my way, I am en-joying gathering them up. Take care ❄️

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      1. I am immensely honored by your grand gesture, dear friend! and may your friend arrive at eternal love, beyond the realm of space and time! i am spellbound at Rumi’s words and it’s a pity that i cannot read them in their original language and wish I had a copy of the Weiss book because i love psychiatry… hoping to get your review on the Evelyn poems at a convenient time, best of luck with your life, may you have peace and harmony in it!

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      2. Thank you so for your kind reply and wishes, I am deeply touched my friend. Our dear friend had a wonderful ceremony to mark his journey as you so beautifully put it, to eternal love beyond this earthly realm. The Rumi poem was well received and touched many hearts. We all gathered for a meal afterwards and shared the joys and sorrows that such passing on, can bring. Such a pity that you do not have the Weiss book? Is there any way of obtaining it where you stay? The messages contained therein are quite profound… I have been preparing for a large influx of visitors the last few days and will probably be offline now till after the week end! The house smells of carrot cake and lime cheesecake tonight ha ha! Methinks the anniversary of my earthly birth approaches and family would like to make a big fuss although I myself prefer a simpler, quieter approach…I wish you joy and contentment in all that you do and will pick up the threads of WordPress… and Evelyn next week. My good wishes to you. ❄️⭐️

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