The Cake.




The cake said it all.

All eyes on the cake,



Gravitational masterpiece and

confusion of confectionery,

soft berry bedlam and

mouth-watering mayhem.

Luscious and delicious fruit riot,

tantalizing taste buds and

vision gratified,

a rampart studded with

round glinting promises.

The cake,



Hushed tones and lights dimmed,

mouths gaping, jaws dropping,

no sprinkles or sparkles adorning



this Patisserie Valerie creation,

this pièce de résistance,

this prime mover of prima donnas.

No glitz or glam or glitter or shimmer



au naturel.

No synthetic stylization,

no E number elaboration,

no colourful calorification





a piquant honesty,

an encircling love so touching,

in that moment so profound,

so tangible,

like the chocolate tuiles battlements

around the fruitful fortification of



lovingly holding it all together yet

for a split second

a hesitancy,

a fear of losing this precious instant


I could not,

would not

cut into and destroy something

so sublime.

But not for long as with great abandon,

that treasured feeling

safely seized and hidden deep

within the dungeon of my heart,

the steel blade proceeds to dismember and disembowel



it’s elegant beauty now destroyed,

it’s bulwarks breached.




15 thoughts on “The Cake.

  1. Your poem points to a great paradox in life, Krysia. Many things we cherish must be destroyed in order to achieve their ultimate objective. In your poem it is the cake that is great to look at, but in the end must be eaten. I am sure knowing a little bit about your love of metaphors in your poetry that you had loftier things in mind. I am happy to see you find the time for your blog again.

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    1. Thank you Peter once again for your kind words. My youngest Rauiri turns 18 on Mon 1st Feb so a few more celebrations around the corner…and then maybe things will quieten down a little with a little more time for Art and Poetry and all those things close to my heart. Aaaaah from destruction and decay comes rebirth in whatever form that might take… 😀 A lovely week end to you all over there. ❄️💨🌨we are having light snow blizzards just now. A day for staying in with the wood stove…

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  2. A Happy Belated birthday to you! I will be indulging next month as I hit the big 65.. Yikes. Most likely I will have a slice of something.. My mouth began to water at the sight of your cake and then wonderful words to follow. Quite a treat for all of us…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes as you anticipate your 65th next month… this one really felt like a big milestone and it was a lovely week end of celebrations with all my family up here. Glad you enjoyed the cake, THAT cake…and it tasted as good as it looked. Hope you get to have a slice of something nice on your special day. 😊


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