My Lady of the Lawn…


For Ed and Sandra, whose beautiful garden we are privileged to care take…


Cold Grecian grace, gracefully illumines

imposing, oppressive and towering Leylandii.

Distant  empty sockets, stare and survey

the overgrown, rampant and rebellious Victorian garden,

hidden behind the tall, thick stone wall

that the Copper Beech sweeps with it’s weeping branches.

Those so-called halcyon days faded and forgotten now



Mother Nature is Mistress.

With her strong evergreen limbs she silently reclaims to Herself

those  man-made artifacts that have infiltrated Her sacred spaces.

Within this wild and often brutal battle for space and survival,

I must regretfully inform you that your rule has of late…


My Lady of the Lawn.


You see…

…there is a secret garden in the heart of town,

concealed and mysterious, it speaks of past lives and pastimes

yet reluctantly now it is unearthing it’s treasures from days gone by.

On humble knees I come before thee, My Lady,

clearing and weeding a pathway to your callous, cold hearted beauty,

as you  haughtily stare down upon my insignificant form.

But with the Seasons I have begun to tame this unruliness,

distant treasures no longer under the Mother’s mesmerizing gaze.

As I toil and dig and pull and prune,

antique rope edging, troughs and cherubs come to light

and the old, worn, antique wheelbarrow, long forgotten,

watches with amusement and chuckling amazement!

A New Order, a New Age is transforming the Victorian garden.

My Lady of the Lawn.


From a vantage point on the edge of a once perfectly manicured lawn,

the now ramshackle barrow has seen many a story unfold and performed:

of tragedy and ecstasy, of despair and hopefulness, of melancholy and joy.

Crinoline skirts elegantly stroking the lawn as their mistresses play croquet,

tapping the ball through strategic hoops, under the watchful eye and

shadow of the neighbouring church spire and their men-folk,

dapperly-dressed and lazily lounging in the warm afternoon sunshine,

watching maids bringing out trays of afternoon tea, served on the best china.

Out of sight and earshot, within the confines of thick stone walls and wooden doors,

voices are raised, tempers are frayed, masks worn for the outside world removed

and raw human emotion comes spilling out, unrestrained in all it’s glory.

This species called “Man” fumbling and bumbling with the “Meaning of Life”,

while all the while the bumble bees lovingly caress the Hypericum

growing in splendid abundance around your finely chiselled shoulders,

My Lady of the Lawn.


And what now My Lady of the Lawn I ask myself…

Cracks and pockmarks now embellish your face, once unblemished and youthful.

I see the sign of a smirk forming in the corners of those supercilious lips

but that will soon vanish and return from whence it came when I break the news…

that it is now your turn for a “Facelift”…

My Lady of the Lawn.












11 thoughts on “My Lady of the Lawn…

      1. Erratic internet these last few days…cue for a post maybe? just how dependent have we become on something that could potentially go very pear-shaped! I have added Keats’ poem to my “to read” list and thank you for your encouragement. Back in the land of Word Press once again ha ha! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Well done! Myself being a practical man – enjoying your poetry, of course – would write a poem about the function of a wheelbarrow and its need for replacement when no longer functional. Haha! Thank you for a wonderful post, Krysia!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Peter for your words of encouragement and I chuckle at your potential practical poem…Ode to the functionality of a wheelbarrow, ha ha! Isn’t it fascinating how different minds take different takes on the same subject…so glad you enjoyed it. We’ve had a very erratic internet these last few days hence the delay in answering back…makes one realize just HOW very dependent we have become on this mode of communication. Thank you once again my friend and hoping you are all well and keeping warm. Take care…😊

      Liked by 1 person

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