if only…


if only I knew then what I know now

how could I let my heart rule my head?

if I had listened to my inner Dao

all life’s choices emotionally led


if I could rewind the passing of Time

gone down avenues wiser and brighter

would the path have been an easier climb

would my heavy load been any lighter?


if there had been no wild expectations

or a need “to be seen to be doing”

would there have been less confrontations

with eyes correctly tuned to the viewing?


if in this world I had not sought pleasure

but instead looked deep in to my soul

I would have found there infinite treasure

and realized there was never a goal


“To thine own self be true,” Polonius’s words

of enlightenment insight and truth

sung sweetly each daybreak from beaks of birds

had I of this been aware in my youth


would I have fallen down the same pot-holes

and blamed all around for such a fate

trying to juggle just too many roles

so my own destiny thus to create


if I had but seen the symbols and signs

my fellow companions along the way

I would not have stepped on so many mines

and not be the person I am today


to this day words of Delphi still echo

“know thyself” from Gaia’s navel springs forth

as subtle scents of flowers in meadow

magical perfume envelopes the earth


and what has been is and still will be

is all just as it is destined to be

for the things I draw to me in this life

are my teachers that I might break free



Photos : Pebbles that “speak” to me picked up on a walk to St. Ninian’s Cave, near Whithorn, Galloway,  southern  Scotland.  It is a place of Pilgrimage and one of those “thin” places where heaven and earth touch.

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man,” words spoken by Polonius, a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The Ancient Greek aphorism, “Know Thyself,” was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, according to the Greek writer, Pausanias.

Gaia’s navel : The site of Delphi was believed to have been determined by Zeus when he sought to find the centre of his “Grandmother Earth” or Gaea/ Gaia. He sent two eagles flying, one from the east and one from the west and the path of the birds crossed over Delphi where the 0mphalos, or navel of Gaia was found.











For all those amazing folk that I have met and worked with that have been given this label to carry around with them…

A sea of faces hone in on me,

my face…

the focus of a hundred glaring sights*

my clay -pigeon face awaiting annihilation.

Was it something I said or

was it something I didn’t say?

Please explain…

but then perhaps don’t try ‘cos if you did

and when you have, I will not and have not

understood the existence of such concepts!

My life is lived upon a static board,

black and white and firmly fixed.

Yours is mottled grey with boundaries,

ever changing, ever evolving.

I cannot read between the lines

yet I walk confidently upon them.

In all I do I speak the truth,

to lie for me an impossibility!

Daily I crave reliability, dependability of

structures and patterns my comfort.

With a Physiology highly sensitized,

I struggle to negotiate twists and turns

of a world governed by neurotypicals,

for I have the words “ON THE AUTISTIC SPECTRUM”

invisibly tattooed across my forehead.

In the scheme of humankind, head shaking

for the human can be far from kind,

the gifted Savant and Asperger’s custodian

gift their refreshing genius to reign upon this Earth!

Darwin, Mozart, Einstein, Beethoven,

Edison, Jefferson, da Vinci,

.Van Gogh.

Socrates, Shakespeare, Curie, Asimov,

Mendel, Turing, Michelangelo,


There is no such thing as NORMAL : that is an illusion.


*sight (on a gun ) : a device used to assist aligning or aiming a weapon or surveying instrument

clay-pigeon : a saucer shaped piece of baked clay or similar, thrown up in the air from a trap as a target for shooting.

neurotypical : a label for people who are not on the autism spectrum.

Autism Spectrum : a range of conditions from autism to Asperger’s syndrome, characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour.

Savant : a condition in which a person with a mental disability such as an autism spectrum disorder, show profound abilities far in excess of what would be considered to be “normal.”






Need for Emptiness.

Thank You Kunal for reminding me of this story from my archives…


Source: Need for Emptiness.


Do you ever get those Eureka moments

When you know that things are just as they are meant to be?

When your worlds have moved into alignment

And you want to shout and cry and sing

All at once?

Let me share one with you…


A black stemmed bamboo grows happily at the edge of our pond.

It has spread and grown tall, and when the wind blows

It rustles and shimmers and dapples the water.

It is a joy to behold and a feast for the eyes.

Though not bamboo, I pick up my African Blackwood whistle

And I blow gently, feeling the breath of the Universe

Vibrate and pulse under my fingers.

As I move and caress the holes and adjust my own breath

I marvel at the power, potency and potential

That I hold in my hands.

When I play my whistle I am One with All,

I am One with Lord Krishna

Who played His flute to all the creatures, flowers and plants

In His garden because He loved them so much.

I read a story this morning…

Lord Krishna asked the bamboo to sacrifice a limb

So He could make a flute from it.

The bamboo was not sure but reluctantly agreed.

As Lord Krishna cut and bored the holes,

The brave bamboo stoically endured the pain

For he loved Lord Krishna with all his heart.

When Lord Krishna had finished,

The music that emanated from the sacrificial bamboo

Was magical, mystical and ethereal.

From that day on, morning and night,

The bamboo flute never left Lord Krishna’s side.

Some Gopis grew jealous of the attention

Lord Krishna bestowed on the little flute.

He answered the Gopis, “I love this flute…

Because the bamboo has always been empty inside”.


Such a small, unassuming little whistle

But what a profound message it carries.

May all life be as a flute…empty, open and receptive

To the playing of the Universe.

Short Story Contests

To fellow bloggers who read/ follow my Blog korsakkorner.  I just wanted to share my daughter Rae Else’s good news: joint runner up out of 417 stories.  Her story will be published in April. She has been writing novels, short stories for a number of years and I know just how hard she has worked to achieve this. A breakthrough at last!  So very well done and may this be the start of many more publications.


Source: Short Story Contests


(Scott Monument, Edinburgh, fromhttp://www.edinburghcafeenthusiast.wordpress.com. My story is set in Edinburgh during over the holiday season)

Wanted to share some good news with you readers and writers out there! Yesterday I heard that my short story, Irrepressible has come runner up in Fictuary Short Story Holiday Contest and will be published in their Feed Me Fiction April Edition. As you can imagine I’m really thrilled and hope you guys will check it out when it’s released and have a read!

As well as getting the story featured, what I really appreciated was getting some comments on my story. I think lots of you out there will empathise that going through the process of submitting stories/novels (I will admit I have done this when said story was not ready to be queried in the past) but even so, submitting and receiving form rejections or not hearing anything does get rather disheartening. So make sure you do celebrate the milestones and achievements along the way! For me that was a couple of halves of craft beer last night and a celebratory lunch out with my husband today 🙂

Happy reading and writing to you all!

snowdrop day

After visiting the Cleghorn Estate, near Lanark, home of Nicky and Richard Elliott-Lockhart, for their Snowdrop and Open Garden Day on 21st February 2016, I felt moved to write a few words…

20160221_145513406_iOS      20160221_145456163_iOS

Cold cutting Arctic wind

whips up native Scots Pines,

seeking out unprotected flesh

tinting it a red raw crimson.

Boots negotiating squelchy

sodden, slippery terrain

whilst Nature observes,

sighing soft shivers,

bravely bracing branches and

stoically standing ground,

Winter’s manacles tightly gripping.

Heavy skies potential threatening,

promising release of prizes

upon unsuspecting two legged participants

Treasure Hunt competing down below.

Ground hugging hesitating heads,

those stalwart Spring sentinels

heralding deep earth stirrings.

White bowed bonnets pure and pristine

positioning themselves as armies

on banks, by paths, in woods, across lawns,

with gladdening grace announcing

to a world, eyelids tight shut against

long dark nights, short dull days and scant sun,

the promise of sap re-remembering,

rewarming body,  reawakening spirits

and hot coffee at the journey’s end!


the drops when they fell, they fell not as snow!


20160221_145417699_iOS.jpg   20160221_145440655_iOS

Over the last few years, John and I have worked as gardeners, occasionally, on the Cleghorn Estate, doing all manner of gardening tasks.

Apologies to a Koan.



suddenly the sun bursts through

and Acer Deshojo right on cue

unfurls her curls a little more

in shocking pink we gasp in awe


then Zen like she sits and waits

a frog jumps






Reblogged : From almost a year ago :  Apologies to a Koan.

Another offering from my archives to cheer you up on a dreich day. Acer Deshojo is still hibernating but Spring cannot be far behind?

designer shopping!?

just a wee bit of fun to brighten up a dreich Scottish day…

usual hurry

grab a trolley

roll down the alley

cash and carry

wheels so contrary

very wary

straight past the dairy

music merry

don’t fancy curry

just too spicy

fancy sherry

taking it easy

now sanitary

something smelly

perfume flowery

liquid Fairy

need a recipe

Mary Berry

just so wobbly

jolly jelly

look for the honey

not too runny

must have gravy

nice and savoury

find the bakery

for granary



so necessary


next stationary


for my poetry

to pharmacy

am feeling funny

upset tummy

so dietary

then grocery

need some rosemary

and broccoli


William Morris Tapestry!


dreich  : Scottish adjective from Middle English, of Scandinavian origin, similar to Old Norse drūgr : lasting.  It means dreary and bleak, usually used to describe the weather.  23 01 2013: Headline in the Scotsman : ” Dreich tops poll of favourite Scots words”… now I wonder why?

I have noticed that occasionally there are differences in spelling, between American and English words. This is most curious and please be reassured that I have consulted the dictionary I purchased to do a spell check!

liquid Fairy = Fairy liquid, a well known brand of washing up liquid here in the U.K.

Mary Berry : b. 1935 is an English food writer and television presenter.  She has published more than 75 cookery books, her bestselling being Baking Bible in 2009.  Her 1st book was The Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook in 1970.  She has hosted many T.V. series for the BBC. Since 2010 when it was first launched, she has been a judge on the BBC television programme   The Great British Bake Off avidly watched with great enthusiam in this household as we all enjoy cooking, baking and all things culinary.

Whizzing round the supermarket in that mindless, not in the moment way that one can at times when one is in a hurry, running on automatic pilot, I was suddenly confronted by the above and just had to take a photo of it.  ( I think folk thought I must be a little crazy.)  I became most excited as here was the spirit of William Morris speaking to me in this beautiful repetitive pattern of Nature. Whoever packed the broccoli did a superlative job and I finished my shopping wonderfully uplifted. During his lifetime he was best known for his poetry and novels and it is his literary contributions that helped to establish the modern fantasy genre. He was a great influence on C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien also.  His friends were the Pre-Raphaelite painters Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rosetti. Posthumously he became better known for his designs for wallpaper, textiles, tapestries, to name but a few, all drawn from the intricate detail, texture, colour and form of Nature.  I just adore his designs.

images                 MOR196204_z

William Morris Wallpaper courtesy of Google Images