The morning after the night before…



it was the scrape of the bolt being slid,

metal against metal, taking an eternity

to reach it’s destination before finally

grinding to a halt against the metal stopper.


it was the toilet seat slamming shut,

sounding as if a great weight had been flung

from some colossal height,

only to smash into the earth creating a

vast crater inside my head,

causing spasmodic involuntary tremors to my

oh so fragile and friable brain.

My grey matter was fried….

No!… scrambled for that matter and was

incapable of attending to any other matter

occurring beyond the periphery of my skull.


what does it matter anyway?

The conversation had flowed all evening

as had the wine, which made up for the

sad and sorry veggie burger sheltering between

two shiny halves of a seeded bun,

following  cremation and now resembling charred sandpaper!

Last night we had undoubtedly and completely put the world to rights…


The next morning unfolded painfully sluggish and slow,

evidence of the night before strewn around the room.

Boots lying willy-nilly on the floor beside the bed and

clothes hastily, carelessly rolled off “in a oner”

coming to rest unceremoniously across the chair.

Before the “if only’s” and “shouldn’t haves” had a chance to settle

like judgmental bitter dust upon the surfaces of my psyche,

lightheartedly I wafted them away under my breath muttering:

“It was a night well-lived and a morning well-loved,”

only to find my young twenty something daughter

sitting disapprovingly with severe, sour, stare

on the edge of my bed…


Instant chuckle and amusement and with amazement

I contemplated this sudden role reversal, this U-turn

and marveled at “How wonderful is Life.”



Worry not my friends, I have used a certain amount of poetic license and I and my daughter have a close and understanding relationship.  There were however a few interesting undercurrents that made me smile the next morning…  😊












14 thoughts on “The morning after the night before…

    1. I spent a couple of years as a storyteller “telling” in schools, libraries, old folks homes etc and had a mentor. Even went to Latvia promoting Scottish storytellers and soaked in the wonderful folk tales that abound there. Thank you, you are most kind… 😀

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      1. Oh no no please do not say that. You are the one who is kind enough to say such kind words to me. I look up to you and your comments always are so uplifting.

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      2. Lol… You see, I do not see it in myself, lack confidence in my abilities and I ponder with interest how my past has caused this to happen. At whatever stage and age in life we all have some healing and rubbing in of balm into past wounds to bring about. What you write and think and share you do so beautifully…don’t ever stop as you bring much joy to us all. Lol and now I must go shopping… Oh, down to the mundane and practical now. Take good care 💟

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  1. I’m dying to know now! What of those undercurrents? Sounds like you’re still celebrating your birthday.
    So unfair when kids are more judgemental than we are on them. Either that, or they’re having a right good laugh at you, going, tsk, tsk. 😉
    Your description is spot on from entry right through to waking, all those rising thoughts and dismissals, the occasional giggle or grimace of, ‘did I really?’ Think I need a night out soon. 🙂

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    1. Ha ha…now that would be telling and giving all my secrets away! Yep…wasn’t sure about posting on this topic but, as with Art, you paint the “good” with the “bad”…the pretty with the ugly and they are all just labels cos it is ALL LIFE in all it’s glory! So what the heck…it is interesting to be out of your cushy “comfort” zone and look at things from a different angle. Do the unexpected… I also think you need a night out…let your hair down! Enjoyed your comments, made me giggle… Sunny today! 😊


  2. In German there is the expression that ‘once in awhile we must let pig come out’. The message is that such actions on such memorable occasions have a therapeutic effect. Perhaps I am totally off the rails. If so, forgive me for having been so brazen, Krysia. I have the highest respect for and love your writing. Thank you for being so brave!

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    1. Not at all my friend and I was hoping to get just such a comment on the content of my poem as I “umed and ahed” as to whether I should post it but then I thought some more and as in Art when you paint not just the beautiful but also the ugly, it is a beneficial practise to paint/ to write out of your usual, comfortable, pretty, cushy zone and to address Life in a different way, from a new angle for this IS life in all it’s glory…no need for judgments or labels…it just is. All these happenings make us who we are right now! I loved your comment, you are NOT off the rails…just the response I was looking for and I thank you so for that my friend. To write from the heart with honesty and how you feel and how you see the world has got to be the reason why you are writing in the first place…otherwise WHY do it at all? Sometimes we need to walk on eggshells maybe? I love the German saying as there is a pig within each one of us to a lesser or greater degree, perhaps Freud called it the Id? I think the equivalent in English is “To let your hair down”. My husband couldn’t stop laughing when I read that to him ha ha! Oh, thank you so much for the bravery award…I will strive to work towards a few more as well as the comfortable ones! A sunny, frosty day here today, just beautiful. 🌄

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      1. This was truly encouraging to read. Thank you so much for your honesty and kindest regards to your understanding husband who chimed right in with his laughter. Now I do not feel so self-conscious to continue on with my week-end posts on the ‘Sturm und Drang’ period of my early twenties. I know I will have an understanding follower. I envy you for the crisp air and the blue sky. Nothing but rain and fog in the forecast here in Western Canada.

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      2. Thank you my friend. I am puzzled by the meaning of Sturm und Drang… Mmmm sounds ominous to me… I await for all to be revealed with eager anticipation! Hope the sun breaks through a little for you all. Crisp clear and bright here again. We have been very fortunate these last few days… And what a difference it makes to the spirit! Have an enjoyable week end… ☁️☀️😀🌷

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      3. Sturm und Drang meaning storm and stress is a romantic period in German literature with Schiller and Goethe being the most famous writers. No fear, my friend, there is nothing ominous in the description of the most turbulent years of my life.

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      4. Thank you for explaining my friend. In this instant the German sounds so like the meaning of the words…a little dark and menacing. Those young years in our lives are indeed quite chaotic and “wild”until we settle and calm down.


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