Pi(e) Philosophy



So much Wisdom in a Pie.

Who needs Plato or Socrates

when you can eat Humble Pie?

Vinegar Pie to be precise.

Then there is that transcendental Pi.

The mysteriously irrational Pi.

Archimedes’ constant companion and

the Wisdom of Solomon’s Temple Pi.

Too much Pi in the sky?

Then back to the Law of Gravity.

Back down to earth’s chimeric crust.



Ponder then my home-made Pie:

Perfectly risen and puffed up,

by next morning

punctured and pitiful.

Choice of two slices:

“Pride comes before a fall” or

.”What goes up must come down.”

Take your pick,

Pie or Pi?

Perhaps the addition of

an addendum or

two for topping?

How about,

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating?”

or ” You always get your just dessert?”

Or both or neither?

It’s all a lot of Pie in the Sky

and Gravitational Wave verification… Eureka!



**********Happy Pi Day on March 14th 2016.**********

Yesterday I made a Vinegar Pie to take round to my friend Maggie’s house as a pudding offering.  Upon hearing she was having Vinegar Pie for pudding she appeared both amused and puzzled as if here was a contradiction.  How can you put vinegar into a pudding?  Trust me, my friends, the result is mouth-wateringly extraordinary and I speak from proof-eating!

On February 11th 2016 it was announced that scientists had detected gravitational waves for the first time, showing signs of black holes merging a century after Einstein predicted them. A eureka moment of humongous intensity!

Pi Day was first celebrated on March 14th, 1988, Albert Einstein having been born on March 14th 1879.  It was organised by Physicist Larry Shaw, who led celebrations at the San Francisco Exploratorium.  Staff and members of the public marched round and round and ate fruit pies. Sounds quite delightful to me and rather charming.

Pi Symbol Apple Pie courtesy of Alex Cockroach/ Flikr







13 thoughts on “Pi(e) Philosophy

  1. As a former enthusiastic math teacher I would like to add that pi is an irrational number and thus reflects with its irrationality a good part of our human existence. Haha! Take it as a joke. But I find it intriguing that pi is an infinite non repeating decimal, of which 3.14 is only the starting point to infinity.

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    1. I struggled with maths at school, sadly I had a teacher who just did not know how to make it an interesting subject. Today all these different snippets that I am picking up really intrigue me, fascinate me and the world around us is all tied up with mathematics and patterns…Pi just came across as so mysterious and illusive…like trying to understand the Cosmos and its workings? I have also been talking to my son about the Golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence…just fascinating! Amazing my friend! 😊

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  2. I do love me some Albert even though his ideas blow my mind. Or maybe because they do. I’d love to have met him. Can you just imagine? I think he would have gotten quite a kick out of your pi and pie – he strikes me as that kind of guy. 🙂 I do like me some pie too – rhubarb especially. 🙂

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    1. Albert blows my fuses too, well all the Maths does, but he said some pretty wise things about life and living. I think he had a pretty good sense of humour too, he’d have enjoyed a pie or two. This all started because I baked a vinegar pie…but I forgot to mention the blackbirds…he he next time around. Rhubarb a firm favourite in this house also. Ah enough of pi’s/ pies… 😊

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