This cocktail called Love



Who was the ancient, ancestral Alchemist that

first concocted this potent cocktail we call Love?

He/ She has much to answer for.

When did its’ intoxicating taste first

trickle between the lips of this species called Man,

wise and wondrous Homo sapiens

caught in the hormonal cross- fire

of multiple Cupids’ arrows,

falling in and out and in and out of


After the Fall, maybe?

Did it by chance bypass our cousin

Homo erectus, causing us instead to succumb

to its’ heady stimulation,

its’ provocative arousal.


Shaken or stirred?

How do you desire your cocktail?

First source the finest ingredients

in equal measures, not skimping:




Stir well and brace yourself for the ride.

Total chemical impregnation:

Heart racing, energy intensifying,

palms sweating, hyperventilating,

skin flushing, sleep defying,

bloodflow boosting, appetite losing,

this lusty aperitif’s side-effects.


Hold on tight and don’t let go for

when the world stops spinning and

stomach butterflies flutter no more,

a shot of Dopamine is added!

Ecstasy, elation, euphoria, exhilaration

and addiction…

most blissful integration.

Beautiful passing psychosis,

then  gentle settling of sediment,

Oxytocin, Testosterone and Estrogen,

those much bandied brands

coalescing to coat, cover and calm

bringing to final fruition

Nature’s cleverly camouflaged clandestine agenda.

All seamlessly overseen by the Absolute Alchemist.



Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Hoping that Love will permeate all that you do today… with or without the Cocktail!

I decided to write a different kind of poem on Love and enjoyed researching all the

complex chemical reactions occurring within the body when we “fall madly in love,”

and the play on words that proceeded from it…


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16 thoughts on “This cocktail called Love

  1. Very interesting to learn so much about the chemistry of love. While I am eating an apple, I do not contemplate on its chemical ingredients, but simply enjoy its taste and flavor. As you see, I am an incurable romantic. Here is a poem, which I wrote for my wife on Valentine’s Day.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    As a blossom matures into a delicious apple

    A rose into a crimson pod

    A dandelion into a magnificent blowball

    So you too, my love, have metamorphosed

    From one kind of beauty into another.

    Who is to say which is more beautiful

    In the great cycle of life?

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    1. Such a beautiful poem written for your wife… Such tenderness. All that emanates upon this earth in whatever guise it takes is in one form or another an expression of the Absolute… I think I was just trying to look at things a wee bit different… But at the end of the day, it is Love in all it’s depth and breadth that permeates all…beyond all the physical and chemical stuff! Romance is what drives and tugs at the heart… I think I am done with experimentation… But who knows where poetry will take you? Thank you for reading and commenting, I always so appreciate your stopping by… Going to snow here tomorrow! ❄️🌨 Bbbrrrrr !

      Liked by 2 people

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