Apologies to a Koan.



suddenly the sun bursts through

and Acer Deshojo right on cue

unfurls her curls a little more

in shocking pink we gasp in awe


then Zen like she sits and waits

a frog jumps






Reblogged : From almost a year ago :  Apologies to a Koan.

Another offering from my archives to cheer you up on a dreich day. Acer Deshojo is still hibernating but Spring cannot be far behind?


7 thoughts on “Apologies to a Koan.

  1. Wonderfully haikuish.. the sound of the frog. This reminded me of one of the most famous haikus by the Haiku Master himself…
    An ancient pond
    A frog jumps in
    The sound of water ~ Matsuo Basho
    I hope you like it

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    1. It is this same haiku that inspired me a year ago hence the word Apologies in the title. The pond was perfect, bonsai round the edges, frogs soaking up the sun and her heat warm on my skin. The pink leaves of Deshojo are so shockingly pink when they first emerge… Then fade as they get older. A bit like the human condition perhaps? It was calling out to be written. I love it… I am humbled by the gift of your koan my friend. Love and Blessings be yours. 🐸💟

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  2. Krys, how I envy you for your pretty surroundings! And did I tell you that Buddha pic on the top of your page, the way it sits with red & green leaves, is just so nice to look at – I can well imagine it in real life!

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    1. Aw, thank you my friend. So glad that you are enjoying the pictures. It is indeed a special place when all the maples are in leaf and hang over the pond, reflecting. The black Buddha has come in for the Winter, we did not want him to crack in the frost. Come Spring, he will be out again. Hopefully not too far away!

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