designer shopping!?

just a wee bit of fun to brighten up a dreich Scottish day…

usual hurry

grab a trolley

roll down the alley

cash and carry

wheels so contrary

very wary

straight past the dairy

music merry

don’t fancy curry

just too spicy

fancy sherry

taking it easy

now sanitary

something smelly

perfume flowery

liquid Fairy

need a recipe

Mary Berry

just so wobbly

jolly jelly

look for the honey

not too runny

must have gravy

nice and savoury

find the bakery

for granary



so necessary


next stationary


for my poetry

to pharmacy

am feeling funny

upset tummy

so dietary

then grocery

need some rosemary

and broccoli


William Morris Tapestry!


dreich  : Scottish adjective from Middle English, of Scandinavian origin, similar to Old Norse drūgr : lasting.  It means dreary and bleak, usually used to describe the weather.  23 01 2013: Headline in the Scotsman : ” Dreich tops poll of favourite Scots words”… now I wonder why?

I have noticed that occasionally there are differences in spelling, between American and English words. This is most curious and please be reassured that I have consulted the dictionary I purchased to do a spell check!

liquid Fairy = Fairy liquid, a well known brand of washing up liquid here in the U.K.

Mary Berry : b. 1935 is an English food writer and television presenter.  She has published more than 75 cookery books, her bestselling being Baking Bible in 2009.  Her 1st book was The Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook in 1970.  She has hosted many T.V. series for the BBC. Since 2010 when it was first launched, she has been a judge on the BBC television programme   The Great British Bake Off avidly watched with great enthusiam in this household as we all enjoy cooking, baking and all things culinary.

Whizzing round the supermarket in that mindless, not in the moment way that one can at times when one is in a hurry, running on automatic pilot, I was suddenly confronted by the above and just had to take a photo of it.  ( I think folk thought I must be a little crazy.)  I became most excited as here was the spirit of William Morris speaking to me in this beautiful repetitive pattern of Nature. Whoever packed the broccoli did a superlative job and I finished my shopping wonderfully uplifted. During his lifetime he was best known for his poetry and novels and it is his literary contributions that helped to establish the modern fantasy genre. He was a great influence on C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien also.  His friends were the Pre-Raphaelite painters Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rosetti. Posthumously he became better known for his designs for wallpaper, textiles, tapestries, to name but a few, all drawn from the intricate detail, texture, colour and form of Nature.  I just adore his designs.

images                 MOR196204_z

William Morris Wallpaper courtesy of Google Images












9 thoughts on “designer shopping!?

  1. You just brightened up a dreich Indian day too..:) it was a very sweet one, with the old song “How much is that doggie on the window” playing on my mind as i read it.
    P.S. I loved the word dreich now only because you used it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Thank you my friend, just a bit of silliness. Humour is necessary especially when one dreich day follows another! …”that doggie in the window? Priceless! I would buy him/ her regardless of cost and take him/ her home. What wonderful dreich day banter you have instigated…ha ha ha…laughing! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes indeed so it does. Yours comes across like a psychiatric self analysis deep psychological probing… Very clever! This started off very different and then I decided make it short and simple to invoke pushing of supermarket trolley, sort of comatose style… And lots of everyday words end in -y until the broccoli woke me up!!! Had a lot of fun with this one, so did MM chiming in! He is due some of the accolades Kunal… Thank you as always. I greatly appreciate your support. Just trying to use words in a different way now and I notice terms like haiku used on here. Need to check such things out… Have a good week end. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

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