snowdrop day

After visiting the Cleghorn Estate, near Lanark, home of Nicky and Richard Elliott-Lockhart, for their Snowdrop and Open Garden Day on 21st February 2016, I felt moved to write a few words…

20160221_145513406_iOS      20160221_145456163_iOS

Cold cutting Arctic wind

whips up native Scots Pines,

seeking out unprotected flesh

tinting it a red raw crimson.

Boots negotiating squelchy

sodden, slippery terrain

whilst Nature observes,

sighing soft shivers,

bravely bracing branches and

stoically standing ground,

Winter’s manacles tightly gripping.

Heavy skies potential threatening,

promising release of prizes

upon unsuspecting two legged participants

Treasure Hunt competing down below.

Ground hugging hesitating heads,

those stalwart Spring sentinels

heralding deep earth stirrings.

White bowed bonnets pure and pristine

positioning themselves as armies

on banks, by paths, in woods, across lawns,

with gladdening grace announcing

to a world, eyelids tight shut against

long dark nights, short dull days and scant sun,

the promise of sap re-remembering,

rewarming body,  reawakening spirits

and hot coffee at the journey’s end!


the drops when they fell, they fell not as snow!


20160221_145417699_iOS.jpg   20160221_145440655_iOS

Over the last few years, John and I have worked as gardeners, occasionally, on the Cleghorn Estate, doing all manner of gardening tasks.


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