Soul searching…

For my Dear Husband John, whose Birthday it is today…

( MysteryMystycsMusings on WordPress )


Earthly comings and goings

physical toings and froings

entanglements that arise and form in this world

cause my soul’s unknowings

of the Bliss that is a-blowing

if we but let the Divine be unfurled


My soul longs for those quiet spaces

graces awaiting in untrodden places

my endless thirst yearning to be quenched

like a child seeking those loving embraces

my heart races my spirit ever paces

my soul seeking in Your love to be drenched


Whisper words to me wind where I might find rest

where my soul not stressed may in Your Presence be blessed

refreshed refashioned…reborn anew

as by dew each new blade of grass is caressed

so my soul longs for the comfort of Your breast

Your heavenly queendom to imbue.


Fill now my cup so it might overflow

help my fears to lay low deep mindfulness grow

my thoughts ever focused on You

my soul to walk in Your sweet gentle shadow

my eyes rainbow windows with God-tinted glow

as this miracle of Life I view.


Photo : Google Images : Montreal.



22 thoughts on “Soul searching…

  1. Krysia oh dear dear Krysia, what better gift could a person ever hope to be blessed with than the love of a companion who truly sees the miracle in him. You gladdened my heart with this ode to your beloved John. I hope and I’m quite certain he realizes what a blessing you are to anyone and everyone who get to know you and be your friend. This is so beautiful, as beautiful as you, my dear EMMP <3. Please wish John a very happy birthday.. may the love between you two continue to prosper. Much love to you and your dear John πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. …Thank you so much and I will indeed pass on the good wishes Nandita. As for your praises I am humbled beyond measure…and know not what to say…I think Thank You will have to do as I am struck speechless right now….Too kind, you are just too kind my dear. πŸ™‚


    1. …Thank you so for your good wishes across the water. They always bring much joy and a smile to our faces! The gardening season has begun and I have been out and about breaking myself in gently working on other folks’ gardens. This time I plan NOT to disappear completely and will try and refine my juggling act of writing, reading, corresponding, gardening, organ, painting…daily practical duties etc etc. We hope this finds you and Biene well as Spring makes her presence ever more evident! πŸ™‚

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