Just a few words at the start of this poem so as to put you in the picture as to why I should write on such a subject?  Last month I attended a monthly Poetry Appreciation Group that meets in our local Library and I was asked to set the theme/ topic for April’s meeting…I came up with the title Entrapment / Imprisonment and it can be physical/ emotional or from any other angle that seems to resonate.  I therefore set myself the challenge of writing my own poem and thought it would be a first to be reading out one of my own poems before a group!  An interesting experience I was thinking!  The meeting is the day after tomorrow…

The analogy of Praying Mantis, Black Widow (er ) and Leech have been used to describe the immoral and dishonest intentions of an imaginary male, highly respected and looked up to within “Society”.  I do not wish to cause offence and appear sexist so it could just as well have been a female for that matter.  Needless to say…I have NO idea how this subject floated into my head but I was determined to compose “something” on the subject and not be defeated.


You are a mantis and not a praying one,

No gruesome beheading by mandible for you,

just premeditated sexual reversal,

slow brain-washing, Chinese-style, drip by drip, fed through.


Master craftsman in putting out the right signals,

your body language so well trained and skilful,

Your smile so sugary sweet and inticing,

your undercover intentions dark and willful.


A cunning so-called “pillar of society”

avidly followed, admired and  “respected”,

cleverly hiding behind shady camouflage,

those naive to your toxic advances subjected.


You are a spider, deadly black widower,

cleverly grooming your prey from a distance.

Your attractive persona clothed in mystery,

Top marks to you for relentless persistence.


Exhaling poisonous venomous vaper

you stun and immobilize all of the senses.

Piercing eyes perforate an innocent heart,

conscience uncaring, there are no defenses.


Your web so sticky, a most gruesome of traps,

one touch is enough, don’t think of breaking free.

And the more that you struggle, the deeper you sink,

you’d better say your prayers, the rest is History!


You are a leech, a tubular greyey-brown worm

sinister predator of unsuspecting prey.

Waiting in the shadows for opportune moment,

Affixing your mouth to suck life-blood away.


All this and more you pursue in secrecy,

emotional vampire, you drain and you pain.

All the while gorging, your ego endulging,

Self-gratification, a deadly ball and chain.


What goes around comes around my friend

and as you sew so shall you reap.

The Karma of Life is watching you closely,

so stay awake and your vigilance keep!


During or just before mating, the female Praying Mantis has been known to decapitate the male, biting his head off and then devouring his corpse for nourishment.

Black Widow spiders have also been known to eat the male after mating.

In the first verse the “Chinese-style, drip by drip, fed through”, alludes to Chinese water torture in which water was slowly dripped onto a person’s forehead, allegedly driving the restrained victim insane and frantic as a perceived hollow would form in the centre of the forehead.

Apologies to my WordPress friends for the rather grim/ dark background reading!








19 thoughts on “Entrapment!

  1. No need to apologize, Krysia. Life has its dark sides, or else it wouldn’t be life. The battle ground of good and evil is on the fields of our soul, as Dostoyevsky once stated in one of his novels. I wish you all the best for the presentation of your great poem at your poetry meeting.I am sure it will inspire your group.

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    1. Thank you Peter. Indeed Peter, the Yin and the Yang of life. We have them both… I am thinking of ‘the dark night of the soul that is often spoken of’…thank you for your good luck…I will let you know how it goes…and I am humbled by your words great poem…ah, we shall see. This is new ground for me! Thank you for your wise and always encouraging words. You never fail to give me hope in my writing my friend. 🙂

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  2. Krysia, I must say this is a total departure from your regular style. But please do not misunderstand me. I mean it in a good way, it’s always nice to explore one’s genres and this definitely hits the darker note in your poetry. Incidentally, (as you have already witnesed), I’ve been been reading and writing quite a bit of dark poetry myself. Sometimes, my poems tend to get a little too dark too, bordering on viciousness. But all in all, that’s the yin and yang trying to harmonize. And that is what i see in your poem too. It’s truly interesting how you came up with the idea of entrapment. It is a dark yet fascinating word in itself. And the choice of a praying mantis, a black widow and the Chinese drip as well tells me that you are witnessing/going through some of the entrapment yourself. Please correct me if i am wrong. A powerful poem you have penned, strong words and diction here. And what I like the most is how you brought it to a closure with karma being a major player. I am an ardent believer in the workings of karma and i must tell you I totally related to your poem. Your underlying message comes out very strong. Congratulations on a great job done. However, I do have a question. The sadistic or consuming (for want of a better word here) nature of both the praying mantis and the black widow are both feministic traits. By that, I mean its found only in the females. But in your disclaimer you have made it very clear that your words are directed towards the opposite sex in general. So you see the dilemma I’m facing here? Lol! Please forgive me dear friend of I have failed to capture the essence of your super power packed poem.

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    1. …just a quick hello and goodbye as I go out the door to walk the dog! I will get back to you on this one asap my friend and yes I have taken your comments on board…just quickly, I think I was probably influenced by “stuff” going on in the news etc. Pondering my friend, reflecting……………………………… !!!


    2. …my 18 year old son offered to walk the dog! How wonderful is that and so I can finish my comment before Yoga my friend. Yes… Dark and menacing and dangerous and I had to write it from either one angle or another… Couldn’t make it hermaphrodite… Both sexes… perhaps I was drawing on stuff from the news/ stuff in my past life/ something I had heard… Who knows? Either way… I too have healing/ garbage to work through and I totally believe in Karma! 🙂 I stand at a crossroads myself just quietly reading the signposts right now… but I am so blessed to have John at my side now…a gentle giant and giant in not just the physical sense but giant in Spirit and Wisdom…yes I purposely reversed the sex of the mantis and black widow became widower…poetic license! I have no idea if I have made myself any clearer…perhaps I have only succeeded in confusing myself he he! Ah Yoga calls. Will speak soon. 💟

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  3. I totally agree with the praise (above) lavished upon your poem! Krysia, I do believe it’s a “hit,” and the group would/should love it! It flows darkly but beautifully and rhythmically from start to finish, is very “soulish” and poignant. Excellent! 🙂 🙂

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    1. …gosh and wow…praise indeed and it is now my turn to feel humbled by your generous and encouraging comments. Thank you so much for your time and observations. They really mean a lot my friend… Thanks. Hope you have a good day! 🙂

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    1. Lol! Seems to be a common theme worldwide…and yet we still put them in charge to run governments!!!???? Thank you for your most generous comments they are much appreciated! 🙂


  4. No need to worry.

    Life itself has its own good & evil. It’s a constant battle for humanity and the way its condition for mankind making choices in life.

    I really loved this line:

    your body language so well trained and skilful,

    Your smile so sugary sweet and inticing,

    your undercover intentions dark and willful.

    Excellent poem. My favorite. 🙂

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