Camping An Camas Darach

In the east a golden dawn sun rises,

warm and welcoming over Camusdarach,

earth’s once blackened face she now baptizes,

rays bathing creation as night turns his back.


Each droplet of dew on grass and on leaf,

lights up and shimmers as upon it you smile,

to man and to beast bringing joyous relief,

wild flowers in meadow with grace you beguile.


Nodding spring bluebells their heads bowed in prayer,

primroses so pale and so delicate stare

upon your fiery face. ย Petals so fair

and so fine, with such flair none can compare.


Willows weeping, their long branches sweeping

the burn in the ditch as in sunlight it runs,

as the wild bramble, tangled and creeping,

in freedom delighting, all constraint it shuns.


Hawthorns, lichen coated, twisted and gnarled,

stand guard and protect us from ill and from harm,

as two cuckoos coo, their duet to the world,

singing Spring is sprung and seductive her charm.


White Atlantic breakers they curl and they roll,

lacy froth edging the white sands of Morar,

iconic Eigg and Rhum, they speak to my soul,

Silhouetted and stark, they watch from afar.


The midges at twilight they gather en masse,

frenzied and gamboling in the fading sun,

swirling and twirling over field and grass,

one last final play before this day is done.


Moon and stars now our shining companions,

weary world retreating to pause and to rest,

for a short while now the sun us abandons,

night shows his face, with this day we were blessed.


An camas darach: Gaelic for Camusdarach meaning Oak Bay.

Sands of Morar: name given for the stretch of white sands found above and below Mallaig on the west coast of Scotland.

Eigg and Rhum: Islands just off the coast between Arisaig and Mallaig.

Burn: Scottish word for stream.


5 thoughts on “Camping An Camas Darach

  1. What a wonderful experience this must have been for you two to be so close to Mother Nature! You were blessed with the finest weather so early in the season. The photos show the landscape as rugged and beautiful as on the West Coast of British Columbia. There were not too many people visible on the sandy beach. And it seems you were camping ‘wild’ and did not set up your tent on a public camp site. Even if this was not so, you must have enjoyed the solitude. The poem was a treat to read and I am sure you will share it with pleasure at your next poetry session.

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    1. Thank you so much for that Peter. Yes truly it was amazing and I could have stayed there forever…but one must come back to reality and back to gardening as that is what we do. John and I have been very busy this last week since our return. We did stay in a public campsite and we cheated…we had electric hook-up! Even so it was incredibly quiet and so so peaceful and the beaches were nigh on deserted. We must share similar coastlines my friend…I just love the ruggedness of it all. Thank you so as ever for your encouraging words…they never fail to lift my spirits when I need a wee bit of uplift etc. Tomorrow John and I are off for a spiritual Sufi Retreat until Sunday…dancing, meditation, chanting, teaching…and SO much more. Very much looking forward to this one. Food for the soul. I will endeavour to catch up with Blogs in between packing once again. Thank you for these comments my friend, I am so grateful for the time you give to read my posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

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