The joy of camping?

Reaching for my enamel mug of cold coffee,

I spy the corpses of midges kamikaze.

Only a few succumb to death by drowning,

the other thousand in tent seams are hiding.


My air bed deflated, I can feel the hard earth,

tent pitched on an incline, of sleep there is a dearth.

Feet higher than my head, I’ve slipped right down the bed

so I try reversing all the bedding instead.


I am woken at four by a loud dawn chorus,

disgruntled, exhausted, my headache enormous.

I wake with my right arm and leg frozen with cold.

Five degrees last night!  For this camping lark too old.


My knees stiff and achy from cooking on the floor,

grains of sand in all our food walked in from the shore.

Local stinging beasties have decided to meet

in our tent, spreading the word our blood is so sweet!


Shouldn’t have had the wine, need to “spend a penny.”

Raining outside, I can find only one wellie.

And just when I’m settling into much needed peace,

the kids next door start fighting.  How I wish they would cease!


And though you might wonder why do this and complain?

To escape this world’s clamour, I’d do it ALL… again!


To ALL my WP Friends:

It is rather “sheepishly” that I post this poem today…having been off the WP radar now for a number of weeks.  At this time of year when everything is growing so quickly, life takes on a rather frenzied and overly full flavour and I become conscious that there are never enough hours in the day to achieve and fulfill all that I would hope for.  We are now at the height of the gardening season so busy, busy, busy.  I also have been engaged in much organ playing and away camping…twice!  This second poem on camping, as opposed to the more aesthetic, previous one, is my end of year humorous offering to the local Writers’ Group!  The theme was to write something funny!  Also, I just wanted to say, I AM still here, not disappeared, bear with me, I will catch up with your recent blogs as and when I am able.  In the meantime, I wish you all happy and sunny Summer days!!  🙂




4 thoughts on “The joy of camping?

  1. Hello and welcome back to the land of writers! I completely understand your situation. When your main occupation is gardening, there is not much time for writing. Like last year,I will also take a break from blogging during July and August. I am not afraid to lose any true followers.
    Your poem/story reminds of the time when I was a scout and experienced similar horrific things, and yet, as you too mentioned in the end, I would do it all over again. Have a happy summer, Krysia!


    1. Hello Peter and lovely to speak with you again. Glad you understand and enjoy your Summer break from WP. My presence will be more evident in September as gardening work lessens…I am glad I stirred up a few memories of camping as a scout! Looking back it never seems as bad as it was at the time! Thank you for your time and continued support my friend. It is highly valued…Have a wonderful Summer! 😀🌞🌻

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  2. Missed you Krys. One spirited lady you are. 🙂 Great to see you back! And I love the poem. Especially the opening verse. Humour you chose this time and it works great. See you more often my dear friend. Here’s wishing you lots of ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so my dear… Glad you liked it! Dipping into WP as and when able and will soon check out your site. Take care my friend! This time of year is really frenzied to put it mildly! Speak again soon… 💟

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