Review: Passion in Poetry:Whispers from the Soul: Nandita ‘Manan’ Yata

“Passion in Poetry:  Whispers from the Soul,”  by Nandita ‘Manan’ Yata

An Anthology of Poetry… and apologies for a long overdue review!


I cannot remember now who met whom first on WordPress, but I do remember being struck by a number of things about Nandita’s Poetry: among them her overwhelming passion for her writing and her prolific output.  In each case I was completely blown away by her zest for life and her almost necessary and unstoppable need to pour this out and cause it to manifest in her poetry.

Nandita writes from her heart and soul with such simple clarity which disguises the depth and breadth of her exquisite life messages. She writes with wisdom, great compassion and understanding.  To dip into Nandita’s “Passion in Poetry: Whispers from the Soul,” is to open the lid on a treasure chest and see inside a whole myriad of literary jewels, great and small, simple and profound.  Divided into 3 sections, Life, Longings and Love, it is no accident that Love is by far the biggest!

In Life, Nandita writes: “This is the circle we call living and dying

Which my immortal soul will go on denying

My body will go back to the earth, water and fire

But my soul will linger in the wind, sky and higher…”


In Longings, she writes:”I crave to be the first golden rays of the sun

Streaming in through the gaps in your curtains

The soft light that caresses your face, mindful of the

dreams still hung in your lashes.”


In Love, she writes:        “I’m thirsty

For a thousand seas

That you could cascade on me

My expectations

Of endless moments

Spent in blissful solitude

Wrapped in your finger”


This book is a pleasure and a joy to dip into.  It takes you on a journey of highs and lows, of ecstasy and despair in which Nandita uncovers her innermost being and shares with you in poignant pen and craftsmanship, her life experiences.  In her words are echoed our own lives.  Nandita has also been and continues to be a great inspiration for my own writing and for that and her continuing support, I thank her from the bottom of my heart.


Passion in Poetry: Whispers from the Soul

by Nandita ‘Manan’ Yata


is available for purchase from Amazon!

A message to folk who normally follow my Blog and my writing…having written this review for my talented friend, poetess and writer, Nandita, I will shortly resurrect by Blog as I have much to share after the long and busy Summer months.

I hope this finds you all well…



4 thoughts on “Review: Passion in Poetry:Whispers from the Soul: Nandita ‘Manan’ Yata

  1. Hello, Krysia. I am saddened by your absence from blogging. I worry that something may have entered your life that prevents you from writing. I would be happy to receive a little Lebenszeichen, my dear friend.


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