Thank You Catherine


Want to come to Oz you asked

I’ll get your ticket for you

The day grey and overcast

I replied could this be true?


Yes yes and another yes

I’ve got air miles to use

Words unable to express

My thanks for this gift profuse.


This took place nine months ago

And life’s been lived whilst waiting

The dream took shape and did grow

Soon to be culminating.


My suitcase packed l’m ready

Tomorrow I fly away

Mind buzzing my thoughts heady

This great adventure to play.


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Another gift of another year…

For my teacher Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti…



Another Winter Solstice came and went

Another cosmic New Year unheeded

Another year our Sun to circumvent

Another of life’s chapters conceded.


Another new Moon now in Capricorn

Another resolution to be made

Another waxing for another dawn

Another invocation to be prayed.


Another circle of seasons un-wound

Another gift of beauty and being

Another chance for what’s lost to be found

Another time for seeking and dreaming.


Another clean page upon which to walk

Another opportunity to love

Another string of secrets to unlock

Another fortune in the stars above.


Another path to embrace and follow

Another moment of meditation

Another horizon for tomorrow

Only the One brings peace and perfection.


To all my friends and followers here on WordPress…

The above poem is a long overdue offering to you all for this New Year, 2017.

It has been quite a while since I posted here on my Poetry Blog and life has taken many twists and turns over the last six months or so. This visit is a fleeting one as I depart for Australia a week tomorrow and will be away staying with a friend for 9+ weeks and travelling mostly up the east coast and also to Tasmania. Time to recharge the creative batteries methinks. I have not stopped writing: far from it, perhaps writing more than ever- even short stories now. I have joined a local writers’ group and am enjoying the live human contact and dynamics that such a group has to offer, not to mention critique of one’s work.

We recently produced a CD and accompanying anthology of poetry and prose called Simply Read Too by Lanark Writers. The latter is available from for Kindle.

I hope that when I return from ‘Oz’ I will be able to juggle, balance and devote time accordingly to both my real-life and www. writings!

Best Wishes to you All until my return. 🙂