Ladybird / Ladybug / Ladybeetle.


As a warming Spring sun bathes the waking garden

And prompts the buds and shoots to swell and lengthen,

Green inverted snipped cocktail umbrellas

Make perfect sun-loungers for dozing ladybirds.

But don’t go too close, they might fly away home…


Perfect ending

A Perfect Easter Sunday and Birth Anniversary day

Ends with a perfect finale and deep contentment.

Memories to treasure are manifested and

Life feels light and carefree and unburdened.

Delicate golden headed Coltsfoot, mirrors the suns’ radiance


And  brook gurgles and babbles through the majestic scenery

Of the Southern Upland hills.

Warm Spring sun-dappled water stroking

Green fern fronds of swaying eel-grass.


Bonnie the dog bounding uninhibited

In and out and up and down,

The joy of living expressed in every sinew.


And just when it seems this cannot get any better,

Mother Nature plays Her trump card

Bathing the earth with the fiery glow

Of the rays of Her setting sun.