Soul searching…

For my Dear Husband John, whose Birthday it is today…

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Earthly comings and goings

physical toings and froings

entanglements that arise and form in this world

cause my soul’s unknowings

of the Bliss that is a-blowing

if we but let the Divine be unfurled


My soul longs for those quiet spaces

graces awaiting in untrodden places

my endless thirst yearning to be quenched

like a child seeking those loving embraces

my heart races my spirit ever paces

my soul seeking in Your love to be drenched


Whisper words to me wind where I might find rest

where my soul not stressed may in Your Presence be blessed

refreshed refashioned…reborn anew

as by dew each new blade of grass is caressed

so my soul longs for the comfort of Your breast

Your heavenly queendom to imbue.


Fill now my cup so it might overflow

help my fears to lay low deep mindfulness grow

my thoughts ever focused on You

my soul to walk in Your sweet gentle shadow

my eyes rainbow windows with God-tinted glow

as this miracle of Life I view.


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Hogmanay 2015/ 2016

It was a pivotal day.

A day of reflection and introspection,

Of looking backwards and forwards  simultaneously,

mimicking Światowid,

who with four heads could survey at once

the four corners of the earth.

2015 was not yet extinguished whilst

2016 had a foot firmly over the threshold,

waiting patiently to be ushered in.

It was a day of musings and premonitions

Of endings and conclusions,

Of  beginnings and introductions

and all the while Din Eidyn or

Edinburgh whispering to us on the breeze,

calling from the ancient seat of King Arthur,

his bulbous extinct volcanic plug

gracing majestically the skyline for miles around.


We answered the summons, 

the Lang Wang tween Lanark and Auld Reekie

dark and foreboding, dull and weighty,

as if carrying the burdens of the old year

upon it’s worn and  well travelled surface.

The bleakly wild and beautiful countryside 

shrouded in a cloak of  secret mystery.

As the witching hour approached

we settled ourselves against your ancient rocks,

surveying the splendour of your illuminated panorama,

your historic spires and steeples, towers and domes

colourfully spotlit, all eyes upon the Castle, 

principal dancer in the long awaited performance!


As the communal countdown ended 

and your battlements shimmered with changing  hues,

meticulously orchestrated showers of textures and colours

errupted in perfect symmetry and synchronicity

against a crisp and clear winter sky. 

Fireworks fizzed and effervesced,

joyfully embracing each other

against the night canvas,

their deep sonic booms resonating for miles

as gunpowder exploded and a frenzy of energy was released

and all the while a string of oohs and aahs

streaming from incredulous mouths!

As the final and biggest bouquet of golden cornucoppias errupted,

we were enveloped by love and laughter, hugs and kisses 

and  strains of Auld Lang Syne, picked up by the wind

and dispered in all directions, like ghostly messages.


“Should old acquaintance be forgot” emblazoned deeply 

in thought and in heart this night so poignantly,

knowing that a dear friend’s life-cord had finally been cut,

blissful release at last for a beautiful soul 

from it’s agony of pain and crippling sickness

and succour for loved ones harrowly observing and comforting,

 anguish and helplessness a canopy covering all earthly exchanges.

“Alláh-u-Abhá” my dear and blesséd friend…

 Rest in eternal peace and bliss.

We retrace our steps, tangibly aware of the frailty and brittleness of Life

and give thanks that we are still here, to love, to cry, to live, to just be!

For another year…Insha Allah, God willing…


Fluid good wishes, promises and hopes appliquéd onto

Elderflower cordial and cava in tall fluted glasses!

Returning along the Lang Wang of 2016, 

all is brilliantly lit up by a glowing orange segment moon,

lying mellow and unperturbed in a sky devoid of light pollution,

surrounded by a trillion stars of varying intensity.

The Heavens in all their majesty speak to us of 

past and forgotten memories and gently cajole us into


a trusting acceptance that we are indeed held lovingly in

the palm of the Beloved…

The once lack lustred and dull waters of Harperrig

now lit up and illuminated with a heavenly glow.

Hogmanay: In Scotland, New Year’s Eve and the celebrations that take place at this time.

Światowid: an ancient Slavic deity with 4 heads, each looking in a separate direction and symbolically at the 4 seasons, at once.

Din Eidyn: a dun or hill fort associated with the kingdom of the Gododdin, 550-650 B.C. Some scholars say that this is the original location of modern day Edinburgh.

King Arthur’s Seat: the main peak of the group of hills in Scotland, that form most of Holyrood Park. It is situated in the centre of Edinburgh, an extinct volcanic plug, 1 mile, ( 1.6km ), to the east of Edinburgh Castle.

Lang Wang: Long Way in Scots, forms part of the A70 major road between Ayr on the West coat and Edinburgh on the East coast. 

Auld Reekie: Scots for “old Smokey”, an affectionate name for the city as in days of old the smoke rising from the lums, ( chimneys ), could be seen floating heavily over the Old Town, when viewed from surrounding countryside.

Alláh- u-Abhá: God is the most Gracious, ( Arabic ). A greeting used by Babhá’is upon meeting and repeated many times throughout the day.

Auld Lang Syne: literally in old Scots, times long past.  It is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song. In English speaking countries it is sung at the stroke of midnight to bid farewell to the old year.

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Old friends…

20141105_163635 20141105_163700

Trusted and ever faithful in their desire to give pleasure to their care-takers,

And praise and glory to the Life-force that throbs in each and every Being,

Our old friends flowered unselfishly aII Autumn and all Winter.

Aware that outside, Earth was sleeping under a blanket of frost and snow,


They cheered our hearts and dazzled our eyes, day after day after day,

Their upturned handkerchief petticoats, flamboyant, exuberant and so, so bright.

And now, our clever friends know that there is a time and a season for all things.

They have earnt their time to rest and sleep…but…before they do,


Yet one more gift…

Delightful discovery, perfectly crafted orbs, hanging from perfectly scalloped cups

And carrying the same Promise and Hope and Potential that we all carry within us.

Our souls…cosmic Breath and Spark and Life source, unconditionally gifted to us,

Require our own gentle and loving care taking and watchfulness,

And establishing favourable conditions to grow and flourish and thrive…

Is never easy.